0 Wednesday index opened lower in early trading, severely oversold do poineering work board, small board, computer, electronic information, communication, environmental protection, medicine ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA began to rebound strongly. Afternoon rebound momentum can not continue, instead of funds again a substantial outflow of small cap stocks, leading to crash, E-CIG CHINA and some of the heavyweights by capital boost, straddle both sides intense Bo killed. The final Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.37% to close at 3155.34 points. According to statistics: banks, small plates, military, energy saving and environmental protection, brokerage sector net outflow of funds in the forefront. This week view: two cities on Wednesday the total turnover of 984331000000 yuan, compared with the last trading day increased by 19500000000 yuan, net outflow of funds 77160000000. The volume increased slightly, the air outflow funds continue to occupy the absolute advantage, the venue of funds to flee. Prev average system analysis, on Wednesday cordon at 3401, line up to 3543 points, cordon Guaitou accelerates downwards, the line began to accelerate down, 34 day moving average downlink, lifeline was effective breakdown turn head down, the index rebound again attack 4000 pressure drop, Shanghai
refers to turn head down the large cap and small cap stocks turns a second adjustment. On Monday the cordon will in the vicinity of 3380, line will reach
the point in the vicinity of 3520, lifeline in 3900 to Guaitou down, Shanghai refers to the next period of time will shock bottom. From Shanghai to see the shortterm moving average, 5 day moving average and 10 day moving average and 20 day moving average Guaitou down, 30, and lifeline averages also one after another fall after Disposable e cigarette Guaitou downward, in 89 days moving average also did not hold, the stock index average of 14 antenna station down form did not reverse and
21 day moving average 30 down daily line go flat, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets began to accelerate the decline, head of shortterm adjustment in the contour shape, longterm continue to be optimistic; on line from Shenzhen Component Index, belonging to the touch into history stuck zone Xipan. From the MACD index in the daily line, Shanghai refers to diff and DEA index in below the zero axis 68 position Sicha, MACD Sicha green live the nine root, Shenzhen Component Index in below the zero axis low MACD red column appeared in the nine, in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index below the zero axis Sicha green appear relationship in prev weekly indicators in the zero axis side high Sicha green appear the root, indicators Sicha green appear in Shanghai and Shenzhen weekly meet longterm pressure fall, but also began to repair
in oversold the contour of Hot E Cig kits the target. From the time index, Shenzhen Component Index Index 5 minutes MACD run to the zero axis Sicha adjusted to the zero axis, index and index to keep pace down, is to build index form E-CIGARETTE CHINA of departure from the top shot up again at any time; 15 minutes indicator MACD below the Mechanical Mod and RDA zero axis, and do not keep pace index index downward, the end of departure note that index is building a new high; 30 minutes will be below the zero axis of indicators MACD, index and index to keep pace to the upcoming MACD, will look upward from the index and index index; 60 minutes MACD below the zero axis upward, index and keep pace index to run after, will appear to adjust the trend now so oversold rebound. Integrated above: in a small holiday time is good to continue, in which gold is 4 new regulations, a
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