01:11 20130126 magic of the Chinese property market ; commercial housing, if it is a pure residential function, the Chinese real estate bubble may be broken. Magic of China’s real estate is not a secret, because of the commercial housing or to invest in financial products. In China, stocks can not do, to do business profits, other
financial products investment is a lot more trap. China real estate with historical facts, the most ideal in
Chinese the only real estate investment products is the best choice. When the real estate investment in the financial management of this feature, the real estate bubble or not can not be a single to calculate the real estate housing needs and developers of real estate developers. Bubble theory can only be said that the use of this piece of the neglect of investment. housing expensive, people can not afford to buy housing? To solve the problem of people’s housing is still in the lowcost housing, public rental to do the article. Ordinary people can not afford to buy housing this is the pressure of rural people want to buy
a house. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA This is a cost for the rural people to the city. This cost price is paid through the house price. If the rural people into the city’s threshold is too low, it will cause the city’s development pressure. Brought out a series of education, health care, public resource allocation and other issues. City, the real estate will buckle? No, as
long as the price is stable, there is not much room for the price of housing prices. Only in this way, the real estate will be the most suitable for China in the next few decades, the only way to invest in financial products. therefore, how to control, prices will steadily rise. If commercial housing E-CIG CHINA prices fell, no longer have the investment banking functions, the Chinese real estate immediately went bankrupt. This will cause the Chinese financial crisis. If prices fall, they will hurt the middle class in China. This is a dangerous signal. In a society, the wealth of the middle class can also bring about the economic crisis. Government regulation and regulation of housing prices, but the Mechanical Mod and RDA purpose is to grow faster. But higher than the deposit rate of Hot E Cig kits the E-CIGARETTE CHINA bank interest rate, which is the best investment financial Disposable e cigarette products. Is also a means of maintaining the
wealth of the middle class. With the increase in the intensity of corruption, civil servants are likely to sell the property is likely to bring adverse factors to the property market. This is a dangerous signal. Grasp not good, the impact of the property market is too large, it will increase the real estate market bubble risk. That is the real estate bubble era is coming. no classification Rel= comment 0 Rel= nofollow Browse 134130 Rel= nofollow Rel= this paper fixed link Rel=