09:51 20150727 big health industry development opportunities, Guangxi Hua Chen lead a step beauty dragon spirit inspired interpretation Guangxi TV host Sun Yong famous host to answer guest questions big health industry development opportunities, Guangxi Hua Chen lead a step photo: Liu Guoxiong 7 on the morning of 26, Guangxi Hua Chen Chinese medicine industry investment recommendation will be held in Nanning Kokusai Hotel, the meeting, the Chinese pharmaceutical equity investment in Qianhai, Shenzhen, and other ceremonies, nearly a thousand people attended the recommendation. p Guangxi Hua Chen TCM industry investment recommendation is a Investment Summit, the summit aimed at a comprehensive development of thousands of years of Chinese history of traditional
Chinese medicine industry, to create a
national Chinese medicine R amp; D base platform, and intends to of resources integration and the depth of excavation, is a comprehensive reflection of Huachen pharmaceutical industry overall profile. Guangxi Huachen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, headquarters is located in China Hot E Cig kits ASEAN Free Trade Area and Pan Beibu Gulf economic cooperation business circle of Beibu Gulf Beautiful Guangxi Beihai Industrial Park, construction area of 142
60 square meters established with a certain scale of sales and distribution network, with annual sales of more than 80 million, operates mainly in the herbs, Chinese patent medicines, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical drug ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA substances and preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological products Disposable e cigarette except vaccines etc., in Guangxi medicine wholesale industry occupies an important position. China’s first
manned spacecraft Shenzhou 5 rocket system total command, Long March two has been the chief of the rocket technology research institute, China’s first vice president Huang Chunping attended the meeting, he said at the meeting, the cause of Chinese medicine is not only involved in
people’s health, but also Mechanical Mod and RDA related to the Chinese medicine and the Chinese treasures of the internal heritage and external promotion. In addition, the development of traditional Chinese medicine is also very important for the aerospace industry. In order to avoid warehouse headache, vomiting, in addition to strengthening the astronaut training intensity and traditional Chinese medicine of astronaut health plays a very important role. Huang Chunping said that the development of TCM industry in Guangxi has two advantages: good water, good water, good market. Guangxi Chinese Medicine Research Institute researcher Li Mao said: Guangxi development of Chinese medicine industry has a natural advantage, not only has a unique national medicine, but also for ASEAN, with the only one in the southwest of the sea channel. at present, the country is very supportive of the development of large health industry, health industry, including health products, medical supplies, medical equipment, health management, E-CIGARETTE CHINA health consulting, and now is the best time for the development of large health industry, and traditional Chinese medicine is the main body of the big health industry, Guangxi is a big province of traditional Chinese medicine, can be developed into one hundred billion industry chain. Hua Chen pharmaceutical actively respond to the national call, E-CIG CHINA will vigorously promote China’s big health industry