1: girls living alone home with men, men’s trousers often hang a balcony. such as the thief would not dare to come to the trouble. 2: all non male friends ambiguous, don’t bring home. Don’t let him know the details of your home. At least 3: and next door neighbours make a face to face, don’t think of it in the water and electricity to knock on the door. 4: if you go home late at night, pay attention to see if there is no follow. Be careful not to delay too much time to open the door to open the door to find the key, open the door door door to close as soon as possible to complete the action. 5: play to the early morning if a person take a taxi home, so that their friends to send your friends in the farewell to say: rest assured, license plate number I wrote down. This sentence to let the driver heard. If encounter abnormal criminals driver, this sentence can give him a warning. 6: a person lives, a person to go out every day to come and go, easy to be near the bad guys stare at. Can buy two or three pieces of men’s clothes, such as big T shirt, shirt, trousers, hanging in the window, balcony and other conspicuous place, making home i
Mens Lebron James Soldier 7 Purple Blacks a man. 7: not too familiar with the friends, do not bring home to play. Most of the theft is an acquaintance. 8, to minimize the use of electric blanket. Don’t put the book directly on the lower abdomen similarly. If you want a child 9, learn to thicken is rookie home cooking essential skills for beginner. At the end of the meat first mix some rhizomes scrambled out of the more tender, cooking at any time to remember to small bowl sauce, more convenient tasty and reduce
http://www.kexinlai.net/news/html/?346.html to shovel the power and temperature requirements, and less prone to paste. 10, large pieces of meat to yellow sauce or fried, recommended that you put salt seasoning for a period of time and then steamed, will be very convenient to the bone. 11, microwave oven cooked instant noodles are the most delicious. Put the seasoning after the addition of cold water note must be cold water, microwave oven fire 56 minutes. Cook instant noodles Well, try it yourself. Always think, with the boiling water bubble instant noodles is a huge waste. 12, all right, look at the things that bring up the past, especially in the evening. What’s better than a long time no see, what’s ten years, what we say, less listening. Customers, watch less. Single good, don’t look for those things to stimulate themselves. The meet, do not want to also encounter, holding a pillow while listening to the music while crying, no meaning is of no value. This piece of advice to you MM. 13, unless the hot die, or be put on socks. Cold from the foot is absolutely right, even if every day to drink milk, milk, barefoot more and do not love the house, as well as a cold. A man lives, dead no one buried. 14, the simple point of life is not easy to get depression. 15, the home must be tidy up, each thing has a fixed position, use up and immediately put back, so can save a lot of energy! 16, buy a smoke alarm, door and window alarm, 17, the daily necessities of life, the purchase of a number of stores, the number of stores can buy more, to reduce the number of supermarkets, will not spend 18, go to the nearby markets to buy food, cheap. And the quality is not much worse than the supermarket. 19, try not to eat outside?

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