12:10 20150823 this is the essence of the Sino Japanese Relations: the Chinese people should be vigilant the lessons of history E-CIG CHINA so that we must to speculations on the most realistic method of Japan’s intentions and the rise of China’s career and unwilling of Japanese militarism was relegated to China under the contradiction, is the mainstream and essence of Sino Japanese relations. over the years, some Chinese ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA have talked about the Sino Japanese relations, and always repeat the tone of the day. However, history and reality are very clearly, in the formulation of the Sino Japanese friendship is the lack of factual basis. In the two thousand years of Disposable e cigarette the Sino Japanese relations, between China and Japan, the Chinese people and the Japanese people have never had an equal and friendly relationship. amp; amp; amp; Song Dynasty ago, Japan to concede defeat in China, and Chinese people have no reservation teach culture and technology, especially in the Tang Dynasty, the Japanese repeatedly sent to study in China, while China has Jianzhen Dongdu
. from the beginning of Ming Dynasty, it was the Japanese aggression and destruction to China, and constantly killing the Chinese people. China was strong, the Japanese students of the Chinese people, and Chinese people serve Japanese
as the guest of honor; China is weak, China has become a Japanese knife ghost. there was no friendship between China and
Japan. Will there be in the Mechanical Mod and RDA future? It’s too early to say. Sino Japanese friendship, at best is only an illusory desire. China on the development of Sino Japanese relations, we must learn from history, but not with false desire based. the appearance compliant camouflage Japan on the early Tang Dynasty in China be a wolf with a savage heart that has been exposed. The bulk of Tang Korean civil strife, China request of Xinluo as a
sovereign identity level. Tang Longxiang three years AD six six three to aid in the name of Japan Baekje, dispatched hundreds of boat division. Occupy Jinjiang. The Tang Dynasty to Liu Rengui sent troops to attack, benevolence rail met Japanese soldiers in white Jiangkou, four Zhan E-CIGARETTE CHINA Jie, burn their boat 400 ships, smoke and flame rose day, seawater all red, base all large stains. Jia Wu Sino Japanese War amp; amp; amp; more than one thousand and two hundred years after the Sino Japanese War of 18941895 and the scene how similar, the same is chaos in the north, China to suzerain status Hot E Cig kits the insurgency, and Japan
took the opportunity to stir. However, the strength of energy, the results of Sino Japanese war is Japan’s annexation of Korea, the Port Arthur massacre, cut from Taiwan, seeks profits, to the Chinese people brought untold suffering and disaster, to the Japanese people brought to the great joy and interest. amp;nb