12:43 20150411 complement each other’s urban and rural construction to create beautiful GUI Ling p amp; amp; amp; amp; when you walk into Hezhou City, the focus of the town eight step zone GUI Ling Zhen, see the lush mountains, clear bottoming out of the river, the buildings Cuolayouzhi, bright and clean; neat and E-CIGARETTE CHINA clean streets, Village Road, and the side of the road the lush flowers and trees, the ancient mottled Xiao He road, brick and glazed tile good Hua Cun ancient dwellings, Daqing Phoenix village pond ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty Group Will sincerely lamented: the GUI Ling, really beautiful! The town of , construction of full strength 2008 years, the total
investment of 155000000 yuan, an area of 62.6 acres of residential and commercial center began, as of now, a total of more than 8 commercial and residential buildings have been delivered to use; 2011, attract capital 2.6 billion yuan, North Ring Road business district development and construction, after the completion of the project, Guiling City area will reach 3.5 square kilometers; after the completion of the North Ring Road Business District, will form a GUI Ling a new business circle
, driven by regional economic development, become Guangxi Guangdong Hunan provinces regions at the junction of the business center of the business card. p from 2012 onwards,
the town every year on urban road for maintenance and reconstruction, more than 600 million yuan E-CIG CHINA of investment, a cumulative ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA repair road reconstruction 3.1 km; invested more than 50 million yuan in the main street of the East loop installed lights; to invest 100 million yuan of townships
and villages of the landscaping, lighting. with the construction of new towns and vigorously promote the GUI Zhen, investment has also been rapid development. 2014, Ling Zhen GUI through investment and revitalize the idle assets, the GUI Ling Zhen West of idle land, with a total Hot E Cig kits investment of 100 Disposable e cigarette million yuan, build a covers an area of more than 6600 square meters of Golden Bay, Kwong Wah shopping center, to further enhance the GUI Zhen town grade. p Ling Zhen GUI 2013 is selected the Hezhou City of since 17 of the focus of the town of. July 2014, and autonomous region included in Guangxi town 100 support growth of township construction of demonstration project of self. in the new town of the new urbanization construction, and also for the construction of ecological village, the country has laid a solid foundation. beautiful environment in rural areas more than br now the GUI Ling, not only the town streets clean, if you go in Babu District eco village demonstration Jin min Cun Shui Kou San clean and tidy village road, road next to the lush garden variety of flowers and trees exudes bursts of fragrance, will allow you to fully appreciate the unique charm of the eco village. Tun is also provided with a peasant bookroom and cultural square, square with the basketball field, soldiers tennis chamber and stage, cleaning clean, if there is a leisure, the villagers will to play here reading, singing and dancing. the scenery is very beautiful, Mechanical Mod and RDA the air is very fresh, the village is also
very neat, very clean and very