; 14 key industrial parks in the northern Gulf Economic Zone, , rel= Guangxi news network Guangxi daily Nanning news reporter Su Chaoguang April 16th, reporters from the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, the economic operation of the analysis will be informed that the first two months of this year, 6 cities in the northern Gulf Economic Zone Industrial added value increased by 9.6%, the growth rate slowed down. Gratifying is that a quarter of the 14 key industrial parks industrial output value and import and export trade grew by E-CIG CHINA 18.09%, reaching 143277000000 yuan. at present, the production factors of key industrial parks in the economic zone are restricted, the project construction and the external control factors are more, the situation is not optimistic. To this end, the meeting required to seize the key, precision force. first, a number of major projects to accelerate the construction of major industrial projects in 2015, continue to implement
the investment and financing system innovation, promote the implementation o
f the Beibu Gulf Economic Hot E Cig kits Zone to enhance the development of major projects, including major industrial ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA projects, major cross link project, focus on the development of the platform, etc., to focus on solving the difficulties of the project to promote economic development. p secondly, create a major new industry support, focusing on promoting major
industrial projects have been completed and the production as

http://lvmamapromotion.cn/news/html/?618.html soon as possible, promote the overall development of the construction progress of construction projects, coordinate and promote a number of projects to carry out preparatory Disposable e cigarette work, to achieve the year started construction. Continue to arrange special funds to support the ship in Qinzhou large sea work and build and support base, Netac electronics, Sannuo electronics and other major industrial projects construction and production management. third, innovation and development of modern service industry, the development of modern service industry to change the economic zone is lagging behind E-CIGARETTE CHINA the situation. Municipalities to complete the first half of the city’s modern service industry gathering area development planning, and start the construction of key modern service industry gathering area. At present, the economic zone Mechanical Mod and RDA has been arranged for 28000000 yuan to support the construction of many logistics parks, industrial parks and service base from the special funds of major industries. fourth, to promote the construction of the international shipping center for the northern Gulf of ASEAN, which is to build the core of the new strategic fulcrum in the south central and South regions of China and the construction of the maritime silk road. Guangxi Beibu Gulf port to straighten out the mechanism system of port development, effectively solve the Guangxi goods does not go port of Guangxi, southwest cargo detour etc. problem, the southwest passage to the sea from luck to good change. ;