14:57 20150130 China will be invited to the military parade? global times, I heard that China is going to have a big military parade. What do you mean? Yesterday noon, lunch in a Tokyo Conference, a foreign ministry official that Global Times reporter asked. In a few days, this question will almost be asked when the Japanese elites, including scholars, meet. ; p global network and Hong Kong, Wen Wei Po were to do online survey results show that more than 80% of Internet users believe that China held a parade of the victory of the anti fascist war can invite Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in. Hong Kong Oriental Daily, the papers said, invited Abe, not stingy, not to embarrass him, but to give him a chance, really reflect on the crime of aggression, really safeguard after World War II, the international order. ; China’s World War II Memorial, should be invited to the Japanese leaders? Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post 29 on this topic published an article, Beijing observers said that can invite Abe, however, in Japan, the activity is considered to be ‘bullying’ diplomacy. Reported that the mainland some scholars believe that China should follow Europe, Ger
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 Black Grey Greenmany is also invited to Europe, but also some people think, should be careful to deal with, so as to avoid embarrassment in Beijing and tokyo. Japan’s Fukui Prefectural University Scholars Yoichi Shimada is to the South China Morning Post said. China is obviously in a show of force to try to scare in Japan. He also said, Andouble will face Beijing,
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-air-max-australia-has-a-special-connotation-meaning.html and to build a closer relationship with the United states. ; 29 PM, Global Times reporter to call a Japanese Foreign Ministry official. For if the Chinese side invited Andouble to participate in the anti fascist war victory parade in China, the Japanese side will not participate? The official words of caution, he said, if there is a formal attitude of Beijing, we can have a response. The Japan is interested in attending and send what officials, the officials said, I this level it is difficult to make specific response, the official is a foreign ministry affairs officials. ; the attitude of the Japanese side is actually in the avoidance. Japan CrossStrait Relations Research Center Deputy Director Geng Yan yesterday to accept the Global Times reporter said, how the Japanese respond may consider three factors: one followed by the United States, if the United States sent to, Japan also sent to; the second is China’s attitude; the third is to see Japan’s political and economic situation in. Geng Yan believes that if Mr Abe intends to do an ostrich will head buried in the sand, 2015 he with respect to where don’t go, because this is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the world anti fascist war, everywhere in the commemoration. Andouble will not be willing to give up such a world diplomatic stage, he also took the opportunity to promote their own ‘positive and peaceful’ proposition. He said some people in Japan thought that they had capital on the issue of peace, because there was no war in the postwar japan. ;

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