17:12 20150516 high iron fever continues to heat up has become a necessity high iron heat of the continuous heating has become an inevitable ; 2014 in December 26, with two lines and one station officially opened operations, Guangxi high iron operation Li Chengchao 1600 km, Bagui the earth to stride forward the highspeed rail era. Since then, the railway from network peripheral jumped for the regional railway hub, a in Nanning is the center of
the north, South, East, Western Union, the railway network is formed, Guangxi will form the Nanning is the center of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the 1.2.3 hour City Economic Circle. In the next few years, the construction of highspeed railway in Guangxi to maintain the size of about 30000000000 yuan per year, by 2020 will build a Nanning based 12310 high iron economic circle, the city of high speed rail. and this year in May 20th, Nanning Railway Bureau will implement a new round of passenger train operation plan adjustment, the Bureau of the tot
al number of passenger trains will be increased to 179.5 of the total number of Disposable e cigarette EMU trains to 123 pairs, accounting for 68.5% of the total number of global trains After the implementation of the new plan, Guangxi province EMU trains will reach 87 of the log, access to 13 provinces and cities nationwide. Safe, comfortable, fast EMU trains will be heavy girders, which became the
main force of Guangxi railway passenger transport, Zhuang people’s habits and ways of travel also will be completely changed. as the saying goes: to get rich, the first road. For a long time, the backward traffic conditions become Guangxi economic development way. But with the deepening of China’s
reform and opening up, our governments at all levels in the region focus on the overall situation, careful planning, continue to increase investment, closely around the counties in highspeed, city rail pass, piece through the strategic layout of
the civil aviation, to devote major E-CIGARETTE CHINA efforts to the development of infrastructure construction, do a good groundwork for the economic takeoff. well said: there is no highspeed rail, the Hot E Cig kits town is the Pearl, the high iron, the town is the necklace on the pearl. The opening and operation of high iron, drive the surrounding economy, especially the development of tourism E-CIG CHINA industry, with the western development strategy of China is gradually done, Guangxi as a development zone, the western important provinces and regions, riding China ASEAN Expo in the East, as well as the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone established, Guangxi will cross strut; the economic development of the fast lane. And high iron in the history of this background, plays a pivotal role, it can be said, Mechanical Mod and RDA Guangxi high iron heat of the continuous heating has become an inevitable. no classification Rel= comment 0 Rel= nofollow Browse 4033 Rel