17:20 20150805 Mount Li Huaqing Hot Spring Damei tour of Shaanxi on the second day in Xi’an, we went to visit Huaqing Hot Spring and Mount Li. tour Huaqing pool to Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan poignant love story and climb Lishan Zhou Youwang balefire drama princes, a smile lost world. it can be said, is a long history and deep cultural heritage has attracted us to visit these two attractions. Because simple from the point of view of the natural scenery, the two scenic spots are not outstanding place, neither the magnificent rugged mountain, there is no Hukou magnificent spectacular. But every day the onslaught of visitors but the two scenic spots crowded, I think, in addition to a long history and culture, no external cause. Thus, if the human landscape management is good, no more than the natural landscape. This point, in the ancient capital of Xi’an is particularly typical. Because both the Huaqing pool, terracotta warriors and horses, or the ancient city wall, the bell and Drum Tower, the size of the wild goose pagoda is with a long history and r
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Red Grass Greenich cultural landscape and win. Xi’an, is really a deep cultural heritage, cultural landscape of the city, in the country, almost no other city can compete with, perhaps, only the capital of Beijing can be compared with. on the train station square, take the bus, we arrived at the Huaqing Hot Spring. First of all, to meet us is the first big Tang Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan hand in
http://5zweb.com/news/html/?66734.html hand in a large sculpture. There are a lot of around the Tang Dynasty culture of sculpture and murals, the construction is also the style of the ancient, from the vision of the first to bring us back to the Tang Dynasty one thousand years ago. The land of Shaanxi really amazing, a total of ten Dynasty, Xi’an, capital, so Xi is known as the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, this historical precipitation, let every one came to the people here will respect. we are no exception. In reverence and curious psychology, we stroll the Huaqing pool, listen to the tour guide commentary that across the Millennium magic and real story. Huaqing pool, Royal bathing pool had no water, leaving only the dry up of a pool, but has prevented people curious eyes and rich imagination. Tourists crowded only hurried, bursting at the seams, but, as if thousands of years of history in the eyes. This is the magic of history. fortunately, when the hot spring after the maintenance, still take out of hot water, visitors to skim has a drink of water, wash your face, in the warm, feel the year bustling grand. It seems that the statue of Yang Yuhuan standing next to the statue, also smiling at the people, at that moment, you will feel that, despite the Huaqing Hot Spring landscape in general, but your arrival is still very worthwhile or necessary. it is in this state of mind, we go out of the Huaqing Hot Spring, and then, and began to climb Mount Li. According to the tour guide said,

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