17:55 20150630 Dalian first diary said today should be second days in Dalian, but due to the previous day is more than 2 pm, in the evening near the night market as well as the train station near the turn, the phone no electricity, and really tired, so did not leave a photo. So today is the first day of Dalian, today is to go to the labor park, the people’s Square and Liaoning Normal University. Here is today’s schedule. morning hurry to eat something, on the back of my travel bag set out, first to find Sanba square, because I live near the
Plaza on March ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 8, but to tell you the truth, students ### told the I several times Sanba square position, I still couldn’t tell, no way, only by the way you feel. But soon found three eight square, but the bus stop looking for me to do is not easy. Is one of the unique features of Dalian bus stop is established, the better is I just look at the first stop found I which a destination, Liaoning Normal University, well, regardless of the 3721, first to which are the same and Liaoning Normal University, standing in front of a is Dalia
n Jiaotong University, just one to two schools. I like to go to the University of every city, not only want to feel the school buildings and academic atmosphere, more important is that every university in the vicinity of a snack street, ha ha for a unique diet has a unique pursuit of people, how can we miss such a chance. Thus, the
first stop is the Dalian Jiaotong University, the university has nothing special, generally speaking, look at a university
as long as the University’s administrative buildings and the library is good, because these two buildings are generally used as a landmark building, so the design is relatively good. Dalian University of Technology of these two buildings are relatively built, it is able to highlight the charm of academic. under a station is Liaoning Normal University, Liaoning Normal University to Henan Agricultural University and I feel like building Mechanical Mod and RDA earlier, a comparison of the old, but such a campus greening are generally very good, long avenue of trees really let people happy, because construction of E-CIGARETTE CHINA Liaoning Normal University is really nothing special, and I did not find the library. Therefore, the photos also rarely. p Hot E Cig kits end of Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Jiaotong University and stroke, in front of the Liaoning Normal University found buses to the people’s Square, just right. There are more
than 70 large and small square in Dalian, some of the squares your little simply does not know that E-CIG CHINA is the square, the general understanding of the square is a wide area can be used for leisure, but according to Dong Dalei access to information, the square is a center to the surrounding radiation. The center is a square, city in general only one or a few, but as Dalian which has more than 70 is rare, is said to be the largest city square. I live near the square are relatively small, the people’s Square should be relatively large, at least, and the common people’s vision Disposable e cigarette is the same. People’s Square is the seat of the Dalian municipal government, the left hand side is the Athens style public security administration building, the right hand side is the same style of the people’s court, looks very much.