197 20150628 11:22 Guigang cultural heritage; Wei Japanese martyrs memorial tower amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; Wei Da Anti Japanese Martyrs Memorial Tower: Guigang City only during the period of the Republic of China Anti Japanese war memorial site facilities, Da Wei, located in Guigang City, Gangbei District East, bordering on Guiping city. Republic of China in your county, records: Da Wei, formerly called Ping Jie Xu, in East County, 50, north is Guo Dong Er Li, South belongs to think two cages in, this Wei Zhen, as one of the four Guixian County Xu, terrain Ping Yan, across the fields, sparsely thick Hao, Zhu Wei giant, West County, Dongda stone dragon Jin Guiping stone Longxu. When is your GUI condominium, Guiping Baisha Wei, Yao Zhi in the southeast corner of East Tang, Ben Xu, land and sea transport convergence, Camido thus exported, In Zheng Jie, Jie Tai An, Xian street, West Shing Street, the main business for parboiled, soybean oil, sesame, tobacco, groceries, livestock, bamboo, Ji Ju, farm tools at hoe dealers frequency Sh
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 Black Whiteeng, the Wei to with MI Shi, the bull market, after ten years of the Republic of China, Guiping design new Bai Sha Wei, Chengxiang design a new bull market, the Wei trade frequency affected, 23 years of the Republic of China, Guangxi expensive car road open by the Wei, the traffic can be particularly. amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; Wei Da as one of Guixian, Qing
http://mechrmail.cn/news/html/?2480.html Dynasty four Wei City, was the county in addition to outside the county and the remaining 40 Bu Wei giant, visible in the Gui Dong Da Wei is a four Wei city for the first, the other three Qiao Wei and qintang Wei, Upper Carboniferous Longxu Shandong Shilong, this east Longxu. The Yujiang River Plain is located in Da Wei, developed agriculture, to grain output, Mishi Guixian County on the north shore, as the surrounding town business is the most prosperous. At the same time is also the time of Guixian two famous bull one another county, west of stone card market, with Guixian county city suburbs cattle ridge formed new bull market trading venues, coupled with and adjacent to the Da Wei Guiping Baisha County in 1921 design new market, big Wei trade frequency affected. amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; in 1934, a total length of 120 Li Guixian county to Guiping highway opened, since Guixian County, east of the Da Wei to Guiping county. This is a modern highway 1993 opened to traffic Wunan secondary highway Gui Gui predecessor, your Gui Lu and in 1927 opened to traffic VIP Yong highway formed was Guangxi Province road traffic artery, Da Wei has thus become Yongning, Binyang Guixian, Guiping Road on the necessary Wei City, road traffic is very convenient. 1937, the Japanese launched the seven seven incident, the Chinese nation’s comprehensive anti Japanese War kicked off. In 1938, the sixteenth army fortysixth army 170 division a garrison, Mr. Li.

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