20140123 00:26: childhood hometown Festival Festival ceremony text license p lunar month, 23, the traditional calendar the day annotation is 2 words, this day for Han people should is also a traditional festival. Mechanical Mod and RDA br in my memory, still clearly remember mother in the fireplace to tell us the old story, legend E-CIG CHINA in every year to send foci of festival, the kitchen god to heaven report farm a year to the food situation, for the host family for fetch in the harvest. Farmers in order to let the kitchen where the Jade Emperor say a good word, pray for peace, pray for the coming year, good weather, is worn in the days to build a new, to build new homes for the kitchen.
br br in my childhood memory, on the day of the annual festival of sacrifice to the kitchen god, mother gets up early in the morning, the first real ending, outside the house swept clean, then called in the village on the base soil foci of experts, together with the home a year stoves smashed, the old soil moved out of the house, to the foot of the mountain back to pi
ck Jianxin stove with new soil, where the primary tumor to build new stoves, this day the task even if the project is completed. At this time, walking in the village, the village people are going to move into the E-CIGARETTE CHINA village
people, people meet the first sentence is: your house is built? the in country, eating meat is not easy, our childhood memory only for the holidays to see a long absence of pork. There are not eat pork in the holiday village, would at least buy a pound of Oily bean curd came back for the holiday. br the children playing with building stove remaining dirt, helplessly looking at the table of meat, hate not bite to eat it. br but at the same time we also can’t eat meat, according to the custom of the village, father cooked pork, our older children carrying pork, with incense and a small seal firecrackers,
followed by the village Murao deity temple in the land God for men and women incense meat and setting off the small letter firecrackers, happily home. br br night after Disposable e cigarette eating meat, a family sitting on the edge of the fire was burning stove, listening to his father telling the story of the past, to listen to his mother said today the building site, so the warm came to new year in front of the door. br from sacrifice Hot E Cig kits to the kitchen god festival began, the village people will intensively prepare new year all the food and supplies. In the days before ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Chinese new year, people need to use all the new year, eat all the pull back home, to prepare for the new