20140819 15:56 mouse into the engine
nest bite circuit p amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; parked in the garage car can’t start, calm down and I heard around there seems Hot E Cig kits to E-CIG CHINA be a mouse squeak sound. Immediately into the mouse in the car. In the end, the results of the auto repair are as expected. In the newspaper before I have seen such a situation, I did not expect to encounter. At that time, the master of the repair of a total of 3 small mice, because the engine’s line was bitten bad, and he also spent a few hundred dollars. I learned that the repairman and chat, 1 mice carrying bacteria and mice carrying bacteria, most likely through the ventilation equipment will be distributed to the car very bacteria through ventilation equipment will be distributed to the bacterial car 2 mouse teeth stop growth, need not stop bite, also while
in the car can molar molar a lot of things, such as a variety of wire, this is very dangerous, lifethreatening, mild scratch injury, severe car crash ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 3 mice in th
e nest, will pull in a lot of things, there are a lot of things are flammable, pre accumulated, plus the heat of summer, it is easy to cause the car ignition. Recently, there are a lot of similar cases of the owners. Also from the aftersales maintenance department learned that because of
the wet weather, car E-CIGARETTE CHINA and engine cabin is extremely hygroscopic, smell, the smell will
http://www.dmbjsc.com/news/html/?1188.html attract mice came to mouse found in warm after engine compartment, also not leave, not only to settle down engine compartment, more will destroy some circuit, let the owners suffered big losses. Can be placed some strong stimulus smell something in the engine case, such as camphor, rotten eggs, etc. hanging in the spare parts of the engine box. Do not pay attention to the object near the high temperature, to prevent the high temperature melting. The purpose is to make the mouse uncomfortable. Can also use RTW cat Disposable e cigarette car driving three in one rat rodent pipeline, but should pay attention to the correct use method! Yiwang cat car drive in triple, nontoxic environmental protection to the vehicle no corrosion, for rats and insects taste Mechanical Mod and RDA olfactory function drive rats and insects, and eliminating the stink in Sao, maintenance engine pipeline. To spray to the surface, the surface wet rhyme is good. Parking in, hotel, cafeteria, ditch edge, rat intensive activity area to multi jet. Is not recommended to the carwash flushing with high pressure water gun of the engine compartment, this will mice nest, food residues rushed to the crevice in the engine compartment, with water cannons flush will wound engine, owners of their own with the clip to do the mouse nest, food residue left thoroughly cleaned, water and Chapple, cleaning of the engine compartment. Buchagan spraying = best. in addition, in order to prevent mice into the car, the car is best to empty, put less, and do not put snacks.