20141103 16:49 Wang Bixin: head of M and W bottom conversion Secrets p a Wang Bixin ations: homeopathy in order to honor, to hunters touch the top of shame; in order to develop robust for glory, to violence won critical loss to shame! Market in the near future, the trend of repeated and single strict stop loss profit only, have to earn a lot of money market, small market slightly played a profit, do not bite off more than you can. For example, a lot of , the article points out, W has been built, it can boldly buy. But second days after the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA opening, but the unilateral shock callback, and, after the close of the graphics, you can’t
deny the m may. That is to say, yesterday just do the bottom W, investors can buy, today give you m head. That is to say to be alert to sell. if you wait, tomorrow to re attack hit a new high, the technology will increase the intensity will increase; but if tomorrow is not up or down, I’m afraid graphics will be more ugly. However, even if the fall, the analyst’s heart will not have no support. For example, the str
ength of various indicators, etc Analysts will be in accordance with established
practice tell you this: below a certain position support, you can pay close attention to, if certain bits are effectively checkmate, the market may down the test of the double bottom support. E-CIGARETTE CHINA p according to this analysis, no matter how you operate, may make a mistake, even a big mistake; however, the analysts is E-CIG CHINA always correct. So take the money and Disposable e cigarette take the feeling of
teeth is too large. This request, with the teeth of the speech to dialectical, objective, comprehensive, the best is to have full and accurate data as the analysis basis; and take the money, the investors, in the acquisition of analytical information, especially need to have a re analysis of the authenticity, reliability, accuracy Mechanical Mod and RDA of a comparison and research, otherwise, losing money is always you, said to be forever. p in fact, the market trend, always operate in various shapes
m head and W, just look like the same, for example, some on the left on the right level of the same, morphological comparison standard, some of the different height, and some Hot E Cig kits even have a certain gap, but is still m head or W shape; change a point of view, all the historical trends are m head and W continues to evolve, gone through the m, the back will have bottom W, or gone through the W, the next will have m head. Finally, a little bit, I spent a very long time to sort out these posts on technology, decided to share out, late, certainly there will be a lot of reproduced, and only hope that we can support a lot of starting, if you need to reprint, please specify Wang Bixin. There is a need to understand more can be directly linked to Wang Bi core. is well known that the investment is always with the risk, it can be said that the success of investment depends on the risk control, the smaller the risk control, the greater the probability of success, however, the control risk, we will first think of what is the most important thing? A ball