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Monthly Archives: June 2015

introduction: each stage of to raise equity investments in public may have some problems

introduction: each stage of to raise equity investments in public may have some problems, the market parties should face up to these problems, explore solutions. Abstract: the SFC that research about equity crowdfunding rules, the legitimacy problem will solve all raise equity. The controversial West master Rouga Mo equity crowdfunding indicates that, problems to be solved next is the risk investor equity crowdfunding in how to control. Each stage to raise equity investments in public may have some problems, the market parties should face up to these problems, explore solutions. , equity crowdfunding risk crowdfunding, as the name suggests, to raise money for a cause they. Crowdfunding is a product of the Internet, the dissemination of information through the Internet, to raise a small amount of money, it can greatly reduce transaction costs; crowdfunding also make investors and fund demand side contacted directly, save as a financial institution, the man in the middle of the investment mechanism. all the chips are generally four forms: 1 the raise donations, this way of capital returns investors without any requirements. Some free software, open source software will have a donation donate link, it should be the Internet earlier donation crowdfunding; and all believers to the temple incense to donate money, may have been a man in the history of the oldest donation crowdfunding. 2 product crowdfunding, investors’ investment is to obtain the value of products goods or services, rather than financial returns. Now very common products crowdfunding include: Hardware crowdfunding development of intelligent products, film crowdfunding cinema tickets, Coffee Museum crowdfunding membership card spending. 3 loan crowdfunding, investors can acquire fixed interest income, after the expiration of also can recover the principal. Part of the P2P loan pattern is typical of borrowing crowdfunding. 4 equity crowdfunding Equity Crowdfunding. Investors receive some equity, and want to share as the carrier to obtain the corresponding return on investment. Equity crowdfunding is more complicated than other forms of all the chips. equity crowdfunding, is all to raise funds to invest in one company, to obtain a certain degree of equity, as shareholder return on the investment. Companies listed on the IPO, it is actually a kind of equity crowdfunding, but a higher threshold, more investors, market more open, relates to the larger capital amount, therefore also subject to more stringent regulation. Say now equity crowdfunding, mainly refers to the investment to the nonlisted company, in practice often focus on startups, innovation of enterprise. if the equity public financing and investment is a startup, the innovation of the enterprise, especially the kind of high risk, high return investment risk often pay close attention to enterprises, investors may have to recognize this kind of enterprise: probability of failure is very high, investors may not be able to recover the investment. Investors must be very cautious judgment, whether the investment has been beyond the scope of his own to withstand losses. USA before the commission chief auditor Lynn Turner in the evaluation unit

lead: five months

lead: five months, interest stage completed three rounds of financing, a collection of hundreds of millions of RMB capital, resource acquisition ability is firstrate, but our trademark appear big question you know. as the service mechanism of entrepreneurs, especially involving others economic service fields, must be reliable, responsible for. is a trademark of the crystallization of his wisdom, but also an expression of his own enterprise intangible value, if even their own vital interests are not protected, and talk about how to help others financing, protection of the interests of others is not affected by the loss of text record: light to make the world brand, think about your problems, I know the fruit Liu Sisi. welcome to this issue of Si chat, we going to talk about today is the brand interesting stage. double eleven carnival, turnover of 57100000000, really makes people admire behind this group of women strong purchasing power. But think, the best money will come from the three groups: women, the elderly and students. Women’s World, has been full of Taobao, poly beauty giant. The old man’s money, just have a look the television police advised seems intact group, advance wave upon wave to a stranger remittance, I will not say more. The rest of the group, is the student. group has embarked on the community young people, if you buy things excite desire, afterwards should consciously row into the cut hand the team of the party, not to mention is the mind is not homogeneous, not fully enter the society of the students. Moreover, the digital consumer era, account removed a few zero, it is difficult to bring the money loss of pain to people. So, thirty million college students consumer market, the prospects of natural is the lever. will make the information audit, don’t let a few money radish chapter slip by, passerby second students; secondly do information collection of the students parents, this is the priority among priorities. Say more again good, around the students start business, actually shouted their students eye, finally draw the parents hardearned. For the children, heart and lung spleen and kidney and liver, parents can not sell what? Can pass the college students, put his hand into his parents’ pockets, this is the money! staging and interest, is the large number of touch, use one of the forerunner of installment payment leveraging the student market. five months, completed three rounds of financing, a collection of hundreds of millions of RMB capital, resource acquisition ability is firstrate, but our trademark big problems, you know. around the interesting name stage, a total of five enterprises registered in the trademark application. is a Shenzhen City stages Music Network Technology Co., Ltd., in May 29, 2014, in the 35 categories of advertising promotion, 36 types of financial management category, the application for registration of the trademark fun stage.

Introduction: at different levels of granularity

Introduction: at different levels of granularity, produced extensive and lean two kinds of thinking. Extensive and lean are two different ways to solve the problem of different stages of development, suitable for. development process is continuously enlarged scale, but the size shrinking process. The development of the scale of development will be faster than the size of excessive optimization, resulting in excessive management; scale development faster than size development will be overly optimistic, out of control. scale enlarged size shrink total economic development is more and more big, the industry increasingly fine division of labor, make it rigidly uniform thinking more effective from the previous slowly become don’t work, the control granularity requirements thinner, smaller, more detailed rules need to clear the standard of behavior, clear boundary, management risk. lot of problems seem very fierce quarrel, a large difference, often because the granularity subdivision of the problem is not enough, together when it is difficult to say clearly, each around two aspects of a problem statement. A lot of the time because the total development has become larger, each aspect all has become larger, complex, not the two aspects together to make the rules, need to be separated to discuss, when grain size reduced to a finer granularity, found that there is no essential differences. The particle size reduced, discuss the scheme for a more specific situation, will release a large amount of bonus, the problem more easily see. The macro, the problem size reduction is needed to carrying through the carrier of law, a clear conclusion specific programs, in each specific case; the micro, the problem size reduction is needed to carrying through the carrier flow and standard, clear rules. The economy develops to a certain stage after the clear description of small particle size rules need to be resolved through legal framework more system, the rule of law is the economy is bound to a certain level of. at different levels of granularity, produced extensive and lean two kinds of thinking. Extensive and lean are two different ways to solve the problem of different stages of development, suitable for. extensive and lean Methods: the granularity of lean management, no black box, from the maximum size, to the smallest size, the ratio of input and output to reach the optimum. The basic requirement is high, the work in accordance with the established method is summed up, appropriate incentives, can produce good results; through continuous improvement of methods, to ensure the implementation, enhance the execution results. Rights and responsibilities clear, correspondence, strict reward and punishment. Methods: extensive large granularity management, black box, the granularity of input and output is not clear. The basic requirements of simple, high bonus incentive execution, execution expert methods, learn from each other to improve; through bonus ratio and increased bonus items, as well as change bonus target to enhance the execution result. Profit mix, reward and punishment from the same big pot. not only reflects the extensive coarse grain in a moment of, but also the performance of changeable, love in the time in the process of development. The key

Xinyue Baiyun according to Hongkong media reports

Xinyue Baiyun according to Hongkong media reports, in March 24th, Beijing, Guo Jingjing attended a brand launch. Jingjing wearing a pink dress appeared, fresh and charming Daxian woman. Talk about career and family, Guo Jingjing said it would do its utmost to do the best, cause husband will also give some advice to give her, but usually at home, she will take the children, help children to bathe, wash your hair, everything is handson. In an interview, asked whether he would enter the film circle, Guo Jingjing sure that never stopped the television drama, says he has never received acting training, not to do their own poor thing. Entertainment News Diving Queen Guo Jingjing since 2012 November to marry giants childe Kenneth Fok, the following year gave birth to a son after a few appearances, very lowkey, period was photographed buy stall, cleaning at home, let the public praise her, more let her husband Kenneth Fok had added to her love. In fact, this is Guo Jingjing modest, the ancient style does not break up, some people said that the Olympic champion in the entertainment circle is inevitable, in the sports star, Tian Liang very early into the entertainment circle. After retiring in 2007, Tian Liang began making movies and TV series, in 7 years, he appeared in more than 10 film and television works, the introduction of single, participate in various TV shows, in the entertainment circle appearance rate high. To Guo Jingjing today fame, status, and is Hongkong’s top giants daughterinlaw, want to enter the entertainment circle development is easy, why she determined not to enter the entertainment circle? first, into the entertainment business is not for money, fame, status? Some sports stars are in the entertainment circle is just to make a living, because sports star short life, to a certain age must retire. However, these are not needed for Guo Jingjing, she has the fame, status, and rich. And earlier according to a broker to know Guo Jingjing disclosed to reporters, Guo Jingjing himself had no interest in the entertainment circle, communication with her friends is the main business and the depth of the official two generation, she early on business, do a business interested. second, Huo Jia old boss Henry Fok had expressly forbid grandchildren go to Starchaser: they are known by people holding are, what skill? One of the most bad is famous. Anecdotal biography Huo daughterinlaw standard, in the case of Loletta Chu, the standard is talented, lowkey, quite beautiful, the most important is, scandal and gossip are not touch the body. Guo Jingjing once entered the entertainment circle can do scandals and gossip don’t touch the body? In addition to , Kenneth Fok’s condition, to find any entertainment or social circles in Hongkong actress is not difficult, but why he chose the Olympic champion Guo Jingjing? The main Guo Jingjing and their Guo Jingjing out of the ordinary, pure, pure, like a piece of blank paper, and the special sentiment, lowkey, introverted, is a as an understanding wife and loving mother, this is afraid is the body is very difficult to achieve in the entertainment circle actress. 1043448578 micro signal: I

the Ma Jihua Chinese double 11 has just passed

the Ma Jihua Chinese double 11 has just passed, America black five again, electric as there is the opportunity to cut hand. This year the two shopping carnival season has become an important turning point in the history of the development of ecommerce in the world of globalization, a large business market is forming. China ecommerce from the sale of the world to buy the world China is the world’s largest manufacturing country, as the second largest economy, with Chinese manufacturing label export of products in every corner of the earth. Thus, also contributed to the vigorous development of electronic commerce Chinese, more achievements, Alibaba Jingdong, etc. The Myth of wealth. of course, if only to see sales Chinese commodity in the world is onesided, also need to see the purchasing power Chinese powerful, even if the Chinese ambition in domestic demand, but does not prevent abroad wantonly panic buying shocked passersby. in online shopping, Chinese this few years mainly focus on the domestic electric business platform, goods are main from the domestic manufacturing, but with the deepening of electronic commerce and people’s consumption upgrade, the sea are gradually developed, and began to get rid of niche era into the public view. since the rapid development of the sea washes, domestic mainstream dealers have also accelerated the pace of global procurement, Alibaba already with governments signed a cooperation agreement, but also the construction of Tmall international, Taobao global purchase, a Amoy sea Tao as the platform, Jingdong early in Japan and South Korea on the layout characteristics of the goods, COFCO also with the advantages of food online shopping become bigger and stronger. China people will be expected to choose from the global commodities in his habit of global integration business platform. black five will take Chinese into global online shopping market China double 11, America black five, is a nationwide revelry shopping festival. Black five Chinese on November 28th 29 is the representative of Japan American retail market annual maximum promotional discount season, the equivalent of USA double eleven. During the very attractive, merchandise discount, generally as low as three to half off, rarely discounted brandname luxury goods also will give twenty percent off to thirty percent off. we have seen, the 2014 November 11th shopping spree, more than two hundred countries all over the world to join in, double 11 is becoming a worldwide shopping festival. According to the relative with this, this year’s American black five is destined to become Chinese and an overseas shopping spree began. the analysis thinks, black five in the past, Chinese just a niche game player sea Amoy Shopping Festival, with crossborder payment is increasingly perfect, in recent years, more and more people began to participate in the. Especially pay treasure just introduced can be wiped clean sea shopping doorsill direct purchase overseas service, more let the public see black five become another year chop hand Festival Double 11 may. black five and double 11

introduction: Microsoft will close the original Nokia Beijing and Dongguan mobile phone factory

introduction: Microsoft will close the original Nokia Beijing and Dongguan mobile phone factory, the production equipment factory in Dongguan last month has been accelerated by removing. Microsoft will shut down the original Nokia Beijing and Dongguan mobile phone factory, the production equipment factory in Dongguan last month has been accelerated by removing. Microsoft China responsible person yesterday confirmed to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter two factories will close the mobile phone information. It is reported, the two mobile phone to the closure of the factory will be completed in the first quarter of this year. Microsoft in Dongguan and Beijing two factory, is expected to lay off 9000 people. mobile phone factory in Vietnam and Hanoi Microsoft plan after the Spring Festival this year, shutting down Nokia factory in Dongguan, the detachable parts production equipment will be shipped to Vietnam factory. At the same time, Beijing is located in the Microsoft Nokia factory will also be synchronized to shut down. Microsoft said, 2014 July Microsoft announced that it will be more flexible to adjust the mobile phone business, in order to adapt to the ‘mobile first, cloud first’ strategy. In December 17th last year Microsoft announced that it will close its mobile phone factory is located in Beijing and Dongguan, Vietnam and Hanoi in Asia in the future will be through the factory to ensure capacity. We plan to this adjustment will be completed in the first quarter of 2015. plant began to speed up the progress of removal of production equipment 2014 April, Microsoft officially completed on Nokia mobile phone business acquisition. A total of nearly $7200000000 acquisition, the acquisition of the mobile phone business has created a world record. However, the two giants in the transformation of their marriage, it is inevitable to go through this pain. Data shows, in 2014 July, Microsoft start global plans to layoff 18000 people, Nokia line of business to become the hardest hit, 12500 people will be cut, according to the global deployment will be at the end of 2015 6. The original Beijing, Dongguan factory Nokia adjustment is considered to be one of the initiatives of the staff and enterprise restructuring. With the integration of , from the beginning of July last year, there are rumors that Microsoft will star network industrial park on the origin of Nokia re positioning and adjustment of the industrial park, plans to move out of Beijing, and will lay off 3000 people. And Microsoft original Nokia factory in Dongguan, also in the second half of last year to adjust expectations. It is reported that, in December last year, has been in the planning adjustment in the Microsoft factory in Dongguan is still a small amount of production line maintenance operations. By the end of last year and early 2015, the plant began to speed up the progress of removal of production equipment. The analysis thinks, the closing process is likely to have close correlation. Yesterday, Beiqing Bao reporters call Microsoft Nokia factory in Beijing, Dongguan factory and Dongguan Nokia customer service hotline, the operator has no answer line. global

315 party once a year to once a year

315 party once a year to once a year, but also to the question. with tainted glasses to see the party not in a minority of The first case of a 315 year party points to the existence of many tricky 4S shop when the vehicle repair and maintenance, some auto 4S shops will deliberately false and exaggerated vehicle breakdowns, deceive consumers, from profiteering. It is a typical ailment overhaul, overhaul not sick, can not give you change, can be repaired and ask you to change. But when the Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz 4S shop was exposed, the first reaction of many people is actually really wronged, like any other brand 4S stores do not like, to do a survey to all other brands, should also be exposed., the gun fight bird, it’s all right children, money is enough on the line a little bit Out of the Blue, people tend not to see the nature of things, but the fault and lack of things. then always blame CCTV choosers, Overgeneralization, 315 party criticized. yes, CCTV 315 may have done is not perfect, but the consumer or the party accused the spectators, in addition to outside, more should be thinking about why there is such a phenomenon, and how to avoid it better? Exposure is just one step after all, because of the lack of third party testing organization, and does not reach the designated position regulation, consumer itself is not technology experts , it is difficult to finalize their car in the end what is wrong, how much money to repair. If the final 4S stores still have to choose, 4S stores its own both referees and athletes, so even after exposure, after rectification, may soon and a stirring among the dry bones. 315 party before playing 30 advertising has attracted a lot of attention, be regarded as to pay protection money. Of course, in accordance with established on CCTV questioned the attitude, this conclusion seems to be justified, after all thirty ads in the FAW Volkswagen brand directly or indirectly by the 315 party named, others are safe, not named. Especially Tyler beauty won the special qualification, is more controversial, after all, Tyler the port group is WeChat circle of friends through the magical mask typical, 315 party embarked on a walk on CCTV’s washed road. so, the 315 recharge, recharge the CCTV did not give it to the, China Unicom Telecom mobile advertising, no wonder the exposure, CCTV, China Unicom and China Telecom on the right? Your exposure to move? And so become a classic and popular criticism. And the thing itself is not actually receive more attention. But I want to say, for itself with some netizens tainted glasses, why malware malicious, attention, if it is good and acceptable to question and ridicule of CCTV. Because after all, you are questioning CCTV biased at the same time, reflect on yourself and why not? And his own question, and why don’t you even look down the object.

why does Kong Zi want to denigrate the Duke Spirit of Wei

why does Kong Zi want to denigrate the Duke Spirit of Wei? Kong Zi had to say of Weiling is the road headed, Kang after hearing the son asked him: since it is so, why not patriotic downfall? Kong Zi explained: the state of Wei Zhong Shuyu in charge of foreign affairs, responsible for the sacrifice I wish?. Wang Sunjia control the army, because of this, how to fall! The answer has been the collapse of itself, can be used Xian Chen is not the road headed, the road headed certainly can not use Xian chen. dialogue in the Analects of Confucius? The constitution article fourteenth sub words ask Duke Spirit of Wei of no way also, Kang Tzu said: the husband is, Xi without losing their? Kong Zi said: the rule of Zhongshu guests, I wish to cure temple, Wang Sunjia treats the army?. With such officers as these, how should he lose his state? Translated into modern paper is Confucius: talking about Wei Ling all sorts of retroaction and decrepit and muddleheaded, Kang asked: since it is so, why not perish? Confucius explained: patriotic Zhong Shuyu in charge of foreign affairs, responsible for the sacrifice I wish?. Wang Sunjia control the army, because of this, how will perish! Is it right? Weiling road headed, try can clearly see. Duke Spirit of Wei in the spring and Autumn period is the twentyeighth generation of the monarch Wei, surname Ji Mingyuan. Born in 540 BC, died in 493 BC, his achievements there are a few points. a joint put down the rebellion four nobles. First, according to the Zuo Zhuan records: Zhao Gong twenty years, because the elder brother Tie Ling despise our patriotic left Kou Qibao, against Kita Miyaki, Zhushi Pu, Sui and homogeneous leopard, childe toward joint rebellion. At that time, Duke Spirit of Wei Ping Shou is still only eighteen years old, after that the insurgency, but the situation is out of control, he had to take a few people escaped death birds the place, not far from the PU, near North Palace like the steward attack Qi Ling in the evening rush back leopard, with the northern Palace’s covenant, first, hold the force. The second day again with people vows, rapid stabilization of the situation, and then start the accountability, Zhushi Pu, son Chao see the hopeless situation, forced to flee to the state of jin. Wei Ling killed one of the root causes of the insurgency Xuan Jiang, completely stable patriotic situation. Bei Gong’s because of of power, power has been growing stronger, almost could not control. Duke Spirit of Wei and Qi Jinggong conspiracy, sent North Palace node mission to Qi, let Qi Jinggong find reason to the North Node arrested and sent troops to invade Palace guard. Duke Spirit of Wei Qi invasion to blame North Palace knot, took the opportunity to weaken the North Palace’s forces, and then Qi Jing Gongmeng Yuerang its retreat, not only solved the North Palace’s unwieldy threat, and not to make the minister heart suspicion, while strengthening the relationship with Qi alliance, is three birds with one stone. two, to accept the criticism and suggestion. Lu Jin Wei cutting, not to borrow unexpectedly directly through, still return. Wei Ling pie

lead: cock wire poineering road is very long and embarked on the unwilling to give up so easily

lead: cock wire poineering road is very long and embarked on the unwilling to give up so easily. Freeze to death starve feet soft, not bow, I was an entrepreneur, I am very proud of. I am also a gigantic loser, I am very proud of. bright moon in the sky, night dead quiet. Lit a cigarette, silently sink deeply. Recall that a few days ago a small pan mentioned those boundaries in the circle of friends, at this moment think I had be personally on the scene. As a grass root, if not to start a business, not to mention counterattack, even rolled straight opportunities are slim. From the first day to do personal webmaster to do now, micro letter poineering project, the dream that the Internet is close to eight years. When I have only a dream, do anything close to a dream, so the Tao, wisdom, faith, benevolence and courage, strict five words will become their own business motto. In the face of the reality of the market, any dream or motto appears cannot withstand a single blow, demons are always making trouble constantly, the temptation to do some unconscionable things on your own. Entrepreneurs can have their own dark side, but also have to have. Helpless and refuses to accept, I just don’t want to wear a mask, make dirty your ass. But it is more difficult than ever, because I get to see second days of sunshine. WeChat business for three months, experienced website be peer attacks, training data is copied by the client peer, planning scheme to defraud, more incomprehensible and even business ation counterparts are too lazy to write, pretend to customers find me. When the dawn comes, you don’t know what the hell happened at night. The team set up early is not easy, some cock wire dwelling house, hungry to cook some noodles pouring soy sauce is a meal, wake up to open the laptop on the bed to study and work, tired and lay down to have a rest. Before doing a result not hype, but because the start and resource issues, often accompanied by their own sense of having a heart but no strength. In the face of market chaos, a station to be fair, he showed me the young is not sensible, resulting in a personal blog attacks has yet to recover. micro letter from a rise, the Sagittarius rushed forward to seize the market killed red eye, a pair of gray industrial chain formed rapidly. Benefit price training, deified marketing software, chaos generation operation, factional disputes, the skies, the enterprise once again become the meat on the chopping block, micro Bo era shaves, micro letter era and then shaves. Sometimes see some small business because the survival environment is difficult, to looking for marketing way, and also to pay a lot of tuition. The same is in business, or my tree was born in the Internet grassroots too idealistic, so he can not understand, why some people by their own advantages, to hang some do not understand the hungry. ‘s money, whether the two sides a winwin situation, some people agree, also some people do not agree. May chose to do poineering work, can not be too naive, you have to eat the belly to store enough food, or one day oneself also will become the hungry. those who hang inspirational manifesto banners, wonderful case stunning one staged training site, are you

Telecom China characteristics of the rogue Telecom China characteristics of the rogue donews Liu Huafang China IT practitioners is very bitter

Telecom China characteristics of the rogue Telecom China characteristics of the rogue donews Liu Huafang China IT practitioners is very bitter, Chinese Internet Co is very tired, Chinese telecommunications company very rogue, Chinese netizen very vexed. The author lists several counts of telecommunications Netcom, only for your reference. 1 China Internet Co to spend more money to solve the problem that the communication between North and south, many enterprises and the webmaster to force foreign hire server to alleviate the . As the two large stateowned enterprises, telecom and Netcom thinking only of making money, never made any adjustment, really make people resent. Huyou netizen, the netizen when idiot. Some time ago, to people’s anger was a telecommunications Netcom reconciliation like what stuff, seemingly reconciliation, is actually exacerbate the monopoly, Huyou chinese! I live in city Ji’nan, false settlement after, Netcom will mark 40 yuan monthly, cancel the original , into a 50 yuan, the original 60 turned into a 80 yuan, this is the telecommunications Netcom tail big cooperation. The socalled reconciliation, in fact is to let each make three points, in order to implement the strategy of strengthening the monopoly, monopoly, seek profits, not the people grief. 2 Rogue push evil does not change. Now, Ji’nan, Shijiazhuang and many other places netizens responded strongly to the hooliganism, each big door did the relevant reports, but the telecommunications Netcom still put a pair of mountain king sitting posture, do it in a wap. this push without users permission, belongs to a serious violation of the law, is not to respect the netizen behavior, but also respect the contract, and trespassing a spell. The push behavior, as if the property company to open the antitheft door of residents, and then tell the residents: aunt, Cucumber 3 pound of hair to buy don’t buy? 3 occupation of local portal, XX against an opponent. Each local portal is not the webmaster not build strength, not the enterprise did not have the strength to build, but the webmaster and enterprise to fear the local telecom operators Shi Yin zhao. I have a friend in a business portal area, do is the best areas, far more than the , I do not really understand, perhaps routing end, may also be on the DNS. This behavior has almost become the unspoken rules, seriously hurt the Chinese Internet health harmonious development, destruction of Internet freedom and creativity. Really do like information harbor few, information port are mostly like the stall is, no quality. 4 executive pay is amazing, stateowned enterprises to high salary? In a wellknown domestic IT community to see that Netcom Tian salary of millions, if not estimates are also similar, pen