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lead: code technology to create a new model of business informatization development brings a new opportunity to the mobile application of ecological change

lead: code technology to create a new model of business informatization development brings a new opportunity to the mobile application of ecological change. map: DEMOCHINA innovation in China’s 2014 finals innovation star enterprise code technology projects show combined with the Internet of things, such as networking, cloud computing, data, mobile Internet technology, code technology founded in 2011, the application trend of polymerization of Silicon Valley million network, put forward the development of the mobile aPaaS operating platform, focus on the establishment of mobile WAN network era cloud programming system. code technology will look at areas of the market, standardize the development and production of enterprise mobile application design, combined with the enterprise application, 5B technology, to create a new model of business informatization development brings a new opportunity to the mobile application of ecological change. code is vice president of real science and technology Yu Bo think, the domestic enterprise mobile application market is huge, the future of enterprise level mobile development will gradually become the mainstream. Consumer products appears to be flourishing, but for us it can only play a play! the application development all completely cloud code technology will own clear positioning in the WAN network field. Their judgment, this is an unprecedented great opportunity field. The socalled million network is a concept of what? In my understanding, is the Internet of things and the mobile internet. Founder Xia Chun said, they in the mobile application operation technology and product value point point: after support native, cross platform, ondemand, iBeacon scene, multi tenant, development immediately deploy mobile applications and cloud platform used functions. in a nutshell, code technology is trying to from the old model for mobile applications to a new model for mobile applications change. The WAN networking application developers and operators of mobile cloud computing platform, mainly for the WAN networking applications. and Xia Chun said, Android, iOS two sets of native applications, integration, operation for developers to do background, hardware development is a huge burden. He described as, this is the three big mountains. At the same time, APP a gusher, but are isolated from each other, not to achieve interoperability, not up to the efficiency of all interconnected, operations management, their deployment, update, offline, security need treatment. code technology and how to solve these problems? their path, development process completely cloud: the development, testing, deployment, operation, management, and analysis of all in the clouds, which is a PaaS platform, this concept is equivalent to a continuation of the virtual host. their products are divided into two categories, one is to do not have to write code, based on the enterprise business to do some configuration can be, that is to say, the user in accordance with the platform to generate the SaaS application package, is simple and convenient, highly intelligent building ecological environment; two, for the configuration

416UPThe Next Big Thing

;3?416UPThe Next Big Thing? yes, and Ali had a quick taxi, Didi taxi Tencent shopping mobile Internet O2O poor toss, leader, Tencent this time is more cautious, even up to the literature, animation and other new business entities, profit, only slowly to Tencent mutual entertainment business group to the front of the stage. is currently the basic financial circle there are two kinds of views, one at the end of last year to do Mobile Games: Ali, the first work popping as the name of the game is more like a meteor across the sky left echo, Ali pulled eggs lesson, let Tencent strange business involved in the outside of the game should also try other Xiaomaguohe depth; a: Tencent from ten years ago at the start of the game to make mutual entertainment, just waiting for so many years no successful precedent in mice, desperation had to do it yourself have ample food and clothing. The of these two kinds of views, the penguins must feel wanted them to comment on 500 and then go to the report The author is not to regard it as right, Tencent announced that Pan entertainment strategy as early as in 2012, behind the belated effort is not count. The author thinks, Fengeng mutual entertainment industry, is not a short duration of time, not content to stick users, box like clouds, the content is the Internet Co strengths, missing only a stage play. Tencent clearly understand this, like QQ on the Internet to WeChat in the mobile Internet one, which is behind the QQ show, Qzone, circle of friends and a series of product support. interactive entertainment: the spirit of the Internet kernel driver in the last century, the TV industry era, the other side of the ocean can be said that Disney is the first chair of the interactive entertainment, cartoon character from the big screen to the small screen, and even moved to the line theme park. This logic is not difficult, but why so many traditional entertainment giant, has been blocked in the Internet outside the door, because they do not understand, the spirit of the Internet drive. is the basis of Internet links, the portal era people and information.

Xinyue Baiyun Lin Chiling

Xinyue Baiyun Lin Chiling, Zhao Wei and many other film and television actress once in the Three Kingdoms series had the splendid performance, Lin Chiling’s classic line, Meng Meng, stand up is to let users impressive. Recently, by the netizens launched one of the most Three Beauties temperament of the national vote activities became popular, caused tens of thousands of netizens participate in. The Liu Yifei, Angelababy, Tang Yan, Yang Mi won the net friend high votes, to become netizens think the best three beauties. And starred in The legend of Condor Hero the mainland version of the Louis Koo version of the Andy Lau version fairy sister Liu Yifei is become the most Internet users in the heart of ancient beauty temperament title, and by virtue of run, brothers in the outstanding performance of the Angelabab, Internet users as Joe the size of the heart. Tencent News 28 year old Liu Yifei is the wunderkind, at about the age of 15 with her pure and appearance, as well as in and eight in Denon outstanding performance and became a hit, and then get out of hand, quickly became the Chinese firstline star, major suit star. As the saying goes: tall trees catch much wind. After becoming famous people say her fame is adoptive father hand out, Liu Cong of 14 years old to 20 years by stepfather, nurturing, said foreign adoptive father. However, the fact that the Liu Yifei was 10 years old when his father due to bankruptcy stimulation in the American Dutch act, in order to make a living, his mother remarried Chen Jingfei only old lover. It is hard to imagine how this looks weak star is how hard came. Perhaps is because had so many setbacks, Liu Yifei to have an old head on young shoulders, with different age female temperament. But fame after Liu Yifei has not fall in love, and seldom actor efferent Fei Wen, which also caused some cynics doubt that Liu Yifei is a transsexual, actually I think Liu Yifei is a Virgo, Virgo finicky, and love picky, so most people don’t get along with her, and can easily let her watch, and she age is also small, which may be the reason why she has been in love. why Liu Yifei crowned the most ancient beauty temperament? The first is Liu Yifei, whether in reality or shoot the film and television play, the sense that gives a person is very pure and virtuous, gentle, dignified, i.e No matter from her character, temperament, in speech, dress are the mainstream instead of non mainstream, is consistent with the basic elements have the classical beauty. Secondly, she is the national beauty and heavenly fragrance peony. Her beauty is the clear water lotus, natural go vulture act the role ofing, unlike its her female star is cosmetic is makeup. In the Three Beauties beauty contest at the beginning, there are many young model entries triggered

Introduction: this afternoon

Introduction: this afternoon, intellectual class network held a conference in Beijing, announced today that it has completed A wheel financing except outside, intellectual class network also announced a number of development planning the next. this afternoon, intellectual class network held a conference in Beijing, announced today that it has completed A wheel financing except outside, intellectual class network also announced a number of development planning the next. Chi classes online line in February of this year, belong to from Beijing innovation partners. In June this year, the business of its reports, was described in detail the main mode innovation partners: under a very wise correction online in 2013 August and intellectual class network two products, of which a very wise correcting focus on line education link, to Crowdsourcing forms provide online oral English, writing marking service; intellectual class network focuses on line education link, the record of classroom form to provide IELTS, TOEFL examination for studying abroad training service. marking line on the net in a very wise at the beginning, innovation partners has revealed that he obtained 10000000 yuan, in the last interview intellectual class network CEO Wei Xiaoliang had revealed the A round of financing is already close to completion, and officially announced in the news today, Chi class network A round of financing has been completed, the investment side as for online education has been the Baidu itch for a try, for the amount of $10600000 , which is in the school education in the field of A wheel financing amount, a larger amount of. It is also Baidu third companies to invest in online education field, 2013 Baidu had strategic investment class network, and has been used in the year 8 month reported $30000000 acquisition of a whollyowned latter message; in early 7, Baidu also participated in the C round of financing. intelligent network is a class of third companies Baidu investment in online education field, in Wei Xiaoliang’s understanding, focuses on this round of financing in the Baidu participation can bring to the intellectual class network and their ecological system in the space of imagination: in addition to many business flow, such as Baidu Baidu the video, Baidu brain, Baidu Yun ecological, Baidu direct number can be combined with the implementation and online education. After the financing to account, Wei Xiaoliang said after the intellectual class network layout will mainly focus on the following five plate: 1. product direction, a very wise correction and intellectual class network currently emphasis is still PC terminal, and then gradually online mobile terminal products; in the last interview, Wei Xiaoliang mentioned the intellectual class network is developing wearable device to break through the online learning dimension, but in today’s conference, Wei Xiaoliang also mentioned the Baidu September 3rd just released in Baidu World Congress of BaiduEye, connect the world with the vision, the description of Wei Xiaoliang, Zhi class network secret laboratory are R amp; D should be a helmet type application, online learning, creating through visual effect

according to media reports

, according to media reports, recently Baidu encyclopedia in Beijing botanical garden, for the hundreds of species of plants in more than 4000 hanging a plant twodimensional code, five one into the park visitors, just pick up the mobile phone scanning the twodimensional code can be linked to the Baidu on Wikipedia, and then can understand the knowledge of the plant the more detailed, including the morphological characteristics, growth habit, cultivation techniques, breeding methods, as well as the content of plant culture related. It is understood, in addition to the Beijing botanical garden, Luoyang garden, Ji’nan Springs Park and Luoyang aquarium has landed Baidu Encyclopedia of twodimensional code, will fall to the ground and Beijing zoo, Wuhan Botanical garden. O2O a show? Baidu encyclopedia dimensional code of this plant, give a person a kind of feeling of deja vu, that many commentators are eyeing the O2O perspective, that Baidu move, is a O2O attempt. more on the Central Park in New York and in 2011 the successful marketing compared with twodimensional code. The same plant, in that year’s Arbor Day, the Central Park in New York in a number of important scenic spots placed placed a twodimensional code, users scan the code we will see some information including Central Park, filmed in the movie, events, attractions details etc as a guide O2O new experience, the success of New York’s Central Park, attracting the attention of young people. And Baidu Encyclopedia of plants and the twodimensional code in the basic idea, does have great similarities, through this model, we can really achieve draw down to earth style, through interesting presentation, enhance the use of the young target audience experience and adhesion. But this is not the encyclopedia and ground shop cooperation of all, this is not a subject that simple event marketing. , can be said to be the content of the. Many young people including the author, are in reality and virtual disconnected state, a word is the most simple things. For example, we can probably say the characteristics and the value of various plants, also can not answer, to play a do not know to ask Baidu, but in the face of these plants, don’t know what it is which data option we profound knowledge under the. plant these twodimensional code, real people themselves realize the O2O, if continued, the O2O, will be online and offline knowledge needs seamless connection, maybe let Wikipedia practical to find the it in order to break the bottleneck of Baidu encyclopedia the plant twodimensional code, in fact, precisely reflects Baidu always wanted to achieve the mission’s link to find. make people the most equal and easy access to information, find what we seek. Baidu Wikipedia itself is one of the most effective load, this on a huge Encyclopedia Crowdsourcing wisdom form, has been an unavoidable weakness, that so many of the.

[Mo Yan] speech and I wrote Mo Yan three Hongzhu [1 Mo Yan why escape teach people to fight the political

[Mo Yan] speech and I wrote Mo Yan three Hongzhu [1 Mo Yan why escape teach people to fight the political? ] Mo Yan in life to avoid politics, in writing but not afraid to show political and even comic political. Politics has two kinds: Mo Yan said politics is small competing interests of teaching people to fight, for partisan political struggle, the writer has power to hide far hide far, unless he is not afraid to break the peace of the study. but political everywhere, it transcends the partisan, beyond class, teach people tolerant and kind to each other. For example, advised people to do good religion, even the source of literature. In contrast, many small political almost ferocious as cult. for literary writing, beauty is the biggest political writers, is the most love and constitute its not a threat and harm of universal values. How could literature completely divorced from politics? The literature itself, is a kind of political. A small political dwarf and show oneself in one’s true colors make the great compassion, concern, the great faith. The politics of real literature, are harmless. small political teaching people to fight, political teaching people to embrace, or shake hands. Such as literature, teaching people to love each other, including teaching people to learn a small political lessons, free from hate. The only major political to treat small political cause for this world of trauma. In order to solve the secular political give us the spirit world trouble. Mo Yan’s self evaluation: in daily life, I can be a grandson, cowards, are to be pitied, but writing a novel, I am Mr. St. Nick, driven by passion, monstrous audacity. is far from a small political, to closer political. I wonder if Mo Yan do? but the litterateurs must be great politicians, big idealists, but he understood the political concept, with the laity in mind often is not the same as, or even not at all the same thing. He is not a service to the motherland, and the motherland more won’t serve in the opposite of exotic, he only served in the Republic of their. Utopia is his real mother. His political consciousness is not only beyond party and nation, has gone beyond the national. He was a man of independent, sometimes also on behalf of all mankind. no doubt: literature is beyond borders. Because of this understanding, Mo Yan dare to say Nobel literature prize is awarded to writers, rather than to the country. as the saying goes literature is human study, able to understand the human nature, and through the creation and dissemination of works, so that the overall consciousness of human ascension to more good and more beautiful realm, can the God of literature, literature of the living buddha. beyond the secular political can achieve ideal politics, perhaps every writer is very difficult to play the role of salvation so, but we turned over thousands of years of history of literature: the world will find all writers into the record books, almost all in effort. Their cooperation to create a god of literature, literary theory of the human spirit

due to the effect of traditional culture

due to the effect of traditional culture, ethnic customs and other factors. Chinese movie star in Hollywood in the few good. In the Chinese movie circle strong such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Zhou Runfa, arrived in Hollywood could also be relegated to a supporting role, a sigh. , however, in the 20’s of last century, is a Chinese actress Huang Liushuang, a head into the Hollywood, in many applaud and popular large. For her contribution to the film, in the Hollywood Walk of Fame was given a star. Later, she went to Europe, and because in the in the downtown dream wonderful performances, invited to attend the British Royal feast. At that time, a woman can obtain such Chinese award, is simply a myth. Huang Liushuang Anna May Wong was born in 1905. Her grandfather was a first generation immigrant America chinese. Father opened a laundry in Losangeles’s Chinatown, one family to make a living. The young Huang Liushuang, also wants to help dry the clothes, early experience with the hardships of life. , however, Huang Liushuang’s dream can not do the laundry for a lifetime. Help father wash clothes in spare time, she would come to the street, looked enviously at studio posted outside the movie star poster. Star dream sprout from this moment. After coming home, Wong to mimic the movie star like, do some strange action. ‘s father after know, warned her: the film will lose the soul. The warning, was surprised and frightened Huang Liushuang. Of course, she soon forgot the warning, still at the age of 14, was filmed in a Chinatown in the movie ran back a bit. A well, not what the dialogue, also does not have what action. But then the movie came out, let Huang Liushuang joy to a good. When the original actor, have a big difference and wash the clothes. Can through the film, live with parents completely different life? yellow Liushuang became involved in the film. At that time, Hollywood is no Chinese film stars. Huang Liushuang in Hollywood the role, or beneath the identity of Mongolia slave, or being unknown mistress whites abandoned, which reflect the image of the Chinese in American eyes. let Huang Liushuang caused the focus of attention was a film called the thief of Baghdad old translation Moon Palace myth film. This movie by big star Douglas Fairbanks starring middot;. Douglas middot; Vanpenk personally selected Huang Liushuang, let her play wearing a Bikini in the film the slave. Huang Liushuang to deliver the goods, a delicate and touching sexy conquered the audience, rapid change red. Soon she was described as the most beautiful China actress, become the world competing offer the magazine cover girl, dressed in her behavior, also becomes the symbol of fashion, become a model to imitate the fashion girl. however, although Huang Liushuang has a space for one person in Hollywood, at the time of the environment, Huang Liushuang still can’t starred. She has appeared in the movies

lift a finger is a big business

lift a finger is a big business, such as payment garbage collection, which have been able to reach millions of scale in American community returns. will be the buyer seller relationship to garbage collection, this is a more effective than donations public model. lift a finger is a big business, such as payment garbage collection, which have been able to reach millions of scale in American community returns. from American Patrick and Ron is advocating global paid pay people to do environmental protection. Reward every support recycling, recycle your rubbish into a transaction behavior, in order to completely solve the continuity and initiative people active recovery. As early as 10 years ago, was still Ford Fordham law school student Patrick MBA in Columbia combined read high school classmate Ron, proposed the renewable Bank Recyclebank scheme: paid pay residents do garbage collection. The scheme submitted by: Patrick and Ron in the entire garbage collection link, sorting and recycling the link directly buried substitution, directly determines the recycling economic. The World Bank global waste management report shows, to 2025 global trash annual output will reach 22 tons, per capita 1.4 kilograms of garbage generated every day, if the landfill disposal of these solid waste, the cost will be $375000000000. In the current USA Philadelphia as an example, buried 750000 tons of garbage generated every year residents, at least need to pay up to $40000000 in spending. if the use of paid pay for this scheme, the treatment cost per 100000 tons of garbage collection, you can drop to $3500000 from $7000000. Moreover, each recovered 1 tons of waste paper can be recycled paper 850 kilograms, each recycling 1 tons of plastic bottles may regain 0.7 tons two grade raw material, can effectively called waste resource reflux production link, and can effectively help the government save maintenance of environmental public health budget. renewable bank can not only reduce the waste treatment costs, but also can effectively stimulate the local consumer market, to encourage more market forces in the city environmental construction. In Patrick seems, garbage collection is not only concerned by the government category, many NGO organizations and large companies, such as USA enterprises 500 strong allied waste industries Allied Waste Industries, Starbucks and Home Depot Home Depot, will cast a large sum of money in the disposal of refuse every year, but the waste treatment is not effective. So, Patrick and Ron will be pleased to do these environmental protection enterprises into the renewable Bank Recyclebank mode, which has become the most important renewable bank content: they give every household community placement with RFID label by RF signal automatic identification of target object, and access to relevant data. Technology of renewable resources recovery bucket or GPS. Weekly with RFID detection device of garbage back

Once human occupation: screenwriter area: Shanghai City Introduction: Shanghai Alice company senior writer

Once human occupation: screenwriter area: Shanghai City Introduction: Shanghai Alice company senior writer, 2004 began to participate in the work of writers, has directed the village, Aeolus copy night dark flower and other works. Good to see. From the cultural phenomenon with? It is the wrong word, because it is by the emperor handwritten, which is suspended in the important places of national front. At the top of the Meridian Gate? In Chengde Mountain Resort palace, hanging a plaque, plaque surrounded by blue plaque Gilt Bronze Dragon in relief, the heart has four golden characters: Mountain Resort. but a glance will find, to avoid the right Xin is to write a cross. This mistake is Kangxi Yushu, wrote to Kangxi for fifty years. Kangxi write a cross, the officials should immediately read out, but the emperor is the valuable advice, who did not dare to remind the emperor was wrong, the result was the best in all the land of the typo. in the Qing Dynasty, Chengde Mountain Resort is one of the most important political sites, the Royal reception of the leaders of ethnic minorities, such as Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, are in the Mountain Resort, I do not know who the leaders see the typo will feel.? [the claim] words fish? is one of the ten West Lake, a piece of monument, is the Kangxi emperor yubi. Four monument of the traditional coke word into three points, a little less. Kangxi will not write the word, but to the wrong. Kangxi Buddha, therefore, when he wants to. There are four little fish below, four on behalf of fire, the fish in the fire roasted, can live? So the intention to write a little less, three points into the water, so that the fish can swim in the lake, and live. [most philosophical words flow]? In Jiangsu Yangzhou Daming Temple Hall, main hall on the left side of the romantic Wan in the horizontal inscribed board, from the early years of Emperor Guangxu two rivers governor Liu Kun’s hand, Liu Kunyi is said to be remembered for ever in Yangzhou ruled by Ou Yangxiu. Wan in the air? this four words in two words: flow little, in word more. Original, historical celebrities? Ou Yangxiu is a merry Prefecture in Yangzhou, in May, eatable Yangzhou beauty feet had made a lot of romance. Liu Kunyi the Wan in the romantic? in the flow to write a little less, in word more, meaning selfevident, want less romantic and more real, full of philosophy. This word wrong?, be just perfect, so far no one make carping comments on, back into a story.? [the most amazing words the rich]? Shandong Qufu Confucius, can be said to be the world’s most local culture, but visitors to the mansion, did not enter the door will be able to see the obvious typo. the door is hanging above a blue gold Shengfu horizontal inscribed board, both sides have a couplet wrote: a break to enjoy wealth and honor and country mansion, the same day the Holy Family and old morality

Since the June 17th hearing and hexun base feeling world cup activities officially launched in June 12th

Since the June 17th hearing and hexun base feeling world cup activities officially launched in June 12th, had 15000 visitors attended the user virtual soccer gambling, and in June 17th 17:00, fifth day of the activity, is expected to have more than six into the gambler lost all bottom. Here the organizers must solemnly remind all watching the ball does not see the ball, friends: soccer gambling risk, don’t really play! gamble: five days into a super six game player lose And according to the base feeling world cup activity rules, access to virtual money each person to participate in the activities of the user can grant or invite friends to participate in the activities of the organizers of the way through, the user can be virtual money for soccer gambling, also can keep virtual money to earn INVESCO the Great Wall Jing Yi goods currency A real income. By the end of June 17th 17:00, a total of 8620 people took part in the activities, the number of soccer gambling peak appeared in the world cup in second days, more than 3900 people attended the day’s virtual soccer gambling. guess ball number change statistics from the days that follow the number of gamblers situation, five days to participate in virtual soccer gambling users suffered heavy losses, by the end of June 17th 17:00 in sixth days, tomorrow the World Cup soccer gambling users only less than 1500 people, a rough estimate of more than 60% of the attending soccer gambling users have lost their virtual principal all. light is the gold: not soccer gambling, be firm and secure and earn interest on the other hand, and a considerable portion of the user’s maddening calm, even in the face of the world cup so hot events, as well as people One’s blood boils with indignation. the soccer gambling feast, even half of the users is not soccer gambling, is to honour the virtual funds earn interest on the in. Pipe how much he made anti, is when the organizers have to promise the interest to call me a user calm and said. In the face of such users, small make up can only say, Your Financial IQ is too high! Hexun Finance Customer World Cup special user virtual principal ranking screenshot more than the user is currently ranked first virtual principal of students, the students by inviting friends to open an account, already has nearly 110000 of the principal, according to 4% of the monetary fund annualised rate of return, the students can at least at the end of the game to get 360 yuan currency fund income. Although the students also participated in several soccer gambling, but it seems quite good, now is to wait for the money of the state. Students! If we all learn from you, financial department girls should find leadership we write the report. soccer gambling to enjoy: the organizer to increase all