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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Market analysis: Today rebounded quickly at the end of the morning

Market analysis: Today rebounded quickly ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA at the end of the morning, the stock index continued to fall, but still seems to accelerate to catch the end, let a person be careful mid opportunity exists. The news yesterday upload Commission meeting the requirement fund to stop short. So the expected positive two days may have come out. The slump can only hold. Sell clearly a very difficult operation. Only waiting for a rebound. Reading 20080616 21:55:37 Monday Shanghai and Shenzhen two after dropping slightly in early trading will gradually stabilize shocks, but the amount is still insufficient, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2874.10 points, up 0.18%, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 9825.27 points, down 1.12%, two city turnover was only 66920000000 yuan, compared to the weekend continues to shrink, two city stock price ratio is about 1:3, some stocks continue callback. As of last week, the stock is expected to continue to rise after today’s market analysis: in accordance with yesterday’s technology today, the stock market analysis: in accordance with yesterday’s technology today, the stock is expected to consider buying stocks, the object should be a continuous decline of 4 days or more, the object should be a continuous decline of days or more, but there is no good expectations. On the weekend may be. Hot E Cig kits Whether it is today. If you do this today. As soon as possible. Whether or not. Whether it will last. If today. If you
are. Tod
ay. Whether it will last. If today. If you can offer. Whether it will last. If you can offer. Whether it will be. If you can. If you can. If you have. If you can. Whether or not. Whether or not. If the news. Whether or not. Whether or not. Whether it will last. If today. If we have. Whether or not. Whether or not. If we have shown that today. If you have. Whether or not. Whether Mechanical Mod and RDA or not. Whether or not. If we have shown that. E-CIG CHINA As soon as possible.
If the news. Whether or not you. If we have shown that. As soon as possible. If the news. If we have shown that. As soon as possible. If the news. If we have shown that. As soon as possible. If the news. If we had shown that. 20080531 00:29:05 at present, the disk is not too many factors worthy of analysis, can only say that the opportunity to shake up the larger, next week is not good here is the
possibility of maintaining a strong shock consolidation. After the disaster reconstruction plate has been adjusted for many days, and should focus on the possibility of shortterm opportunities. Such as the 600106 and 600720 to adjust the new low this week should pay special attention to the opportunity to rebound in the short term. Read the market analysis: today there is a small shock finishing, and yesterday’s forecast close to. Early we predict that there will be a rebound in the gap near the current technology has been very much to support
this conclusion, but to pay attention, do not have to hold back and fill the gap of the psychological waiting for a rebound, the operation of the index is more close to the gap rebound potential, E-CIGARETTE CHINA so even if there is no good news may occur after the first suppression of the trend, even though it is also possible to start next week. As the market outlook is much more power, which is to see the time to determine the specific rebound in the situation to judge. Read the market analysis: today there is a big rise, the reason is because of the further planning of large non reduction of good, but Disposable e cigarette we also note that the day’s turnover is a big problem, although the 5 day moving average of 30 day moving average pressure is very big, here is the key to the market this week, the market should take 30 day moving average, popularity will be quiet. I read today

real estate investment market is also hidden risks

real estate investment market is Hot E Cig kits also hidden Disposable e cigarette risks, there are people who make enough money to choke. Many investment properties can earn higher interest, this kind of person not how smart mind, but pay attention to the study of the real estate ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA market, E-CIG CHINA the real market, in order to make the appropriate investment strategy, eventually earned a gold. br Su Zhijun is dug gold one, let us listen to the citizens of Guangzhou Su Zhijun 3 years of real estate investment story. br for program designers Su Zhijun is not only have their own ideas of the program,
also own a program concept to the real estate investment. In the past 3 years of investment in real estate, he has a Amoy E-CIGARETTE CHINA to gold. For how to invest in real estate, Su Zhijun said with
a smile, investment real estate is a program design, before the investment to have their own planning and design, step by step research can only be formed a perfect program. br due to occupational habit, Su
Zhijun like the problem after the research is clear and then shot, although the idea of real estate investment in 2003, but there has been no action. 2003 Guangzhou housing prices compared to the end of the last century, the end of the 90’s a lot
cheaper, Su Zhijun has the desire to invest. You don’t know much about the property market, there is no action because of, but did not expect 2004 Guangzhou prices began to rise, Su Zhijun has little regret their indecision. Of course, as a robust investor, it is indeed should be familiar with the real estate investment environment to sell, including the sale of
the real estate, the owners constitute, land prices, procedures and other aspects. br under normal circumstances, real estate investors usually use to rent the loan, choose to sell investment, Su Zhijun real Mechanical Mod and RDA estate investment intention is also so, housing positioning for whitecollar class and even resale will also sell a good price. Next is to find listings and how to fund the collocation issue.

public security ministry to respond to the new regulations focus on the new high speed maximum penalty 200 yuan ; [time: October 16

public security ministry to respond to the new regulations focus on the new high speed maximum penalty 200 yuan ; [time: October 16, 2012 09:46] [source: Xinhua] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong to respond to the new rules of the new 5 focus Disposable e cigarette the person in charge Hot E Cig kits of the Ministry of public security is to apply for a new amendment to the new motor vehicle driver’s license application and the use of the provisions of the user to E-CIG CHINA ask Ministry of public security of the newly revised motor vehicle driver’s license to apply E-CIGARETTE CHINA for and use regulations promulgated a week, causing widespread concern and continuing hot debate. Ministry of public security, the relevant person in charge of the responsible person recently accepted an interview with reporters on the online number of hot issues. : the focus of a red light button 6: special circumstances may appeal from [net friend question] looking at the front is a yellow light, red in the past into a red light, this is the red light? Is in front of the car to block out of sight and the Mechanical Mod and RDA red light to do? Red li
ght from 3 points to 6 points, is not too strict? [authority response] the new regulations on the red light and other traffic violations to improve the penalty score, which is to give full play to the vehicle driver’s cumulative score system in the prevention of road traffic accidents, maintenance of road traffic order, the role of standardized driving behavior, increase the illegal acts of
serious damage to traffic safety. although the red light behavior of the punishment is rigid, but the red light behavior of the identification is prudent, elastic. For because of the cart in front of the block line of sight and mistakenly ran a red light and other special circumstances, the traffic control department ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA will be in accordance with the law enforcement procedures were verified and rectified, if indeed because before the car block the signal lamp in car mistakenly ran a
red light, or is the driver for emergency patient transport and other special circumstances ran a red light, except through the legal auditors and other forms in the early to be corrected, the parties may also settled by means of administrative reconsideration,
administrative litigation and other avenues of complaint, true impunity. suggested that the driver encountered a large truck ahead of the situation, should keep a certain distance from the front car, in order to see the traffic lights. If it is not recognized, the driver should drive carefully. for users to reflect some of the traffic lights set up a reasonable problem, the Ministry of public security will further optimize the traffic lights set, improve the relevant countries and industry standards, through the development of centralized investigation, listen to the views of users and other forms, scientific adjustment and rational allocation of traffic lights with space time and space position. : the focus of two block the plate deducted 12 points: deliberately obscured to be punished [] is
the license plate users questions were muddy also block the plate? ;

August 5th

August 5th, Wuzhou municipal Party committee, municipal people’s Congress Standing Committee Director Huang Junhua to Cenxi city research and guide the work of accurate poverty alleviation. He stressed that E-CIGARETTE CHINA to implement the General ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation and development in a series of speeches, conscientiously carry out the poverty alleviation work, reduce the stock of poverty population, reduce the proportion of poverty, for building a moderately prosperous society to provide a strong guarantee. What’s the price of a pig? How to protect the peasant pig farming E-CIG CHINA income, to carry Disposable e cigarette out poverty relief work? In Cenxi City, an Ping Zhen Gu Yuan Cun, Baofeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd. breeding base, Huang Junhua carefully to understand the company’s breeding and management and helping the situation. We take the development pattern of company base cooperatives farmers’, by
the company responsible for breeding pigs piglet, feed and sales work, free for farmers to provide technical guidance, realize the winwin development of the corporation and farmers. BaoFeng company responsible person to answer one one. Huang Junhua
pointed out that the company should play its own advantages, efforts to carry out diversified business model, to provide more jobs for the local people’s employment and poverty. At the same time, with the exp
ansion of the scale, the need to implement environmental protection measures, and hope that the relevant government departments to actively implement the relevant support policies, strengthen the company’s guidance, Hot E Cig kits and guide the scientific layout of the breeding base, to help companies grow, promote the development of the company and the Mechanical Mod and RDA masses out of poverty. Subsequently, Huang visited the poor households Lai Hanlian and hog farmers Qin Jiehuan households family, understand the company helping poor families and farmers pig breeding situation
and hope that the increase of company and the relevant departments to support for the poor families, enhance the development difficulties of the masses to get rich. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of Cenxi modern characteristic agriculture core demonstration area and radiation area, and actively explore new mechanism and new way of poverty alleviation work, and plan to do a good job of rural construction, promote the integration of ecological village construction and poverty alleviation and development work. Huang Junhua also through poverty alleviation and recognition system, to understand the situation of poverty population archiving riser, and poor households and poverty population changes. In the research work of the forum, Huang Junhua stressed that all relevant departments at all levels to control requirements of strict three real and style of construction, combined with the actual, highlight the local characteristics seriously solid and thorough ground carry out poverty relief and development work, to explore with local actual precise poverty Road, efforts to reduce poverty population stock, reducing the proportion of poverty population. To continue to improve the working mechanism of poverty alleviation and development, comprehensive facilities strategy, effectively promote the development of poverty alleviation and development. To pay attention to the effectiveness of poverty reduction, the implementation of supporting measures and all kinds of social security system, broaden people to develop the channels of wealth, efforts to pull the roots of poverty and help the masses to increase wealth. To continue to increase the intensity of the fund to help the
poor, and regulate the use of funds, to ensure that the use of funds for poverty alleviation, play a positive effect. Wuzhou Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Wu Haoling accompanied research.

20150810 10:52 beat the confinement of husband wife Is it right

20150810 10:52 beat the confinement of husband wife Is it right? Crazy? husband beat confinement wife Is it right? Crazy? Author: p this morning, I saw a file in the office, all of a sudden, a woman walked in and said: Bing Ling lawyer, divorce need what conditions? what does that mean? I asked, can you say a little bit? if I sue for divorce, then I need to be prepared for what action? The woman said, after this lawsuit, probably how much cost? the need to prepare the prosecution of the main prosecution, marriage certificate, identity card or account of this, there are a total of property certificates and feelings of rupture and so on. I said, how much money is needed to fight the lawsuit in the end, I can ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA not tell you a specific number, in general, the cost of litigation is about litigation. I don’t have any money, can the relevant departments reduce the cost of litigation? The woman said, I do not
know now the confinement, the relevant departments on whether to grant my husband divorce. if you are in a difficult situation, you will be in charge of the cost o
f litigation. I said, since you production soon, freeze divorce idea why do you want to in this case with husband divorce? I want to divorce, because he often implemented domestic violence. The woman said, he usually play I also calculate, surprisingly I was born a child not yet a full moon, he
hit a I twice, and also the my body beat Hot E Cig kits the green a Ukrainian Tuo, he really did not love and respect me. why Mechanical Mod and RDA did he hit you? I asked, does he have a disease? he’s like his E-CIG CHINA father, he just likes to beat his wife! The woman says, he has a disease, usually to the village people very well! he is good for others, why not good for you? I asked, did you irritate him before he beat you? p he hit me often said, you this silly woman is ugly and not to earn money, and usually also dare to bicker with husband, simply die reborn forget it. The woman said, he cursed me, I definitely want to retort to strike back, but I Disposable e cigarette never unprovoked anger him, he is to see and I tired child beat and scold me, I really can not stand. how long have you been married? I asked, is the son or daughter? we got married E-CIGARETTE CHINA for more than a year. The woman said, life is a son. more than a year of marriage, he will abandon you ugly? He is rich handsome? I asked, he doesn’t like your son? he is poor dwarf dwarf!
The woman said, he told a son is a big trouble and later you’ll have to help his wife to housing, too tired to harm a person, and my daughter is different until she grew up to marry
her scored, both relaxing and refreshing. he is in your confinement play

p according to voice of China national network news reports

p according to voice of China national network news reports, the infant formula milk powder formulations registered management approach Trial to seek the views of the release E-CIGARETTE CHINA is beginning to solicit opinions, October 1 implementation. Draft of infant formula milk powder enterprises E-CIG CHINA production, advertising and labeling multiple provisions, such as non label content of imported milk source, educational and other misleading consumers; should not use the same
formula to produce different brands of infant formula milk powder. p in April this year, through the new food safety law is put forward to the past formula filing system changed to registration system, the same enterprise shall not Disposable e cigarette use the same formula to produce different brands of infant formula milk powder. Insiders said, is that the current domestic a lot of infant formula milk powder enterprises to take a recipe to make the world strategy for the adjustment. p according to incomplete statistics, at present the country has about 2000 formula milk powder, average every enterprise over more than 20, a formula corresponding generally existed in the practice of a number
of products. Dairy industry analysts Songliang said, under the condition of no substantial difference in the formulation, formulations of the socalled adjustment and upgrading has become an effective means of milk powder companies took the opportunity to rise in price or marketing. p Song Liang: our country infant milk powder sales Hot E Cig kits channel is many, there is electricity, has straight camp shop and super, a lot of enterprises
is according to different channels to implement the brand strategy of different, but the recipe basically did not any difference, from the point of view of competition, in fact, is survival of the fittest eliminating, companies have no incentive to develop new products formula, consumers
also feel confused. p the draft proposed, milk powder enterprises shall not use the same formula to produce different brands of infant formula milk powder, between ages product formulations and difference of at least six more components; or each enterprise may produce more than five series of 15 kinds of products formula. The industry is expected, if according to this draft requirements, Mechanical Mod and RDA the implementation of the current domestic milk powder brands may be significantly reduced to more than 400. in addition, the draft also on the milk business propaganda requirements. Many consumers are
feeling, import milk source, from foreign pastures ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA and other concepts and add puzzle ingredients, enhanced body resistance, etc., are the same as the infant formula milk powder, but young href= rel= nofollow little Song Ganjue, in addition to the price is more expensive, do not seem to understand what. small Song: feel the subject of what foreign milk or to say what has immunity, improve immunity and so on, the price of a good number of grades, and then do not know how to pick ah, is the feeling that you say it is good to buy, if the provisions of a standard, a rectification, if you can

p br 2015 February 4

p br 2015 February 4, br week three lunar December 16 br cover picture: Supreme People’s Court issued a judicial interpretation shows, online chatting records, blog, micro blog, mobile phone short message, electronic signature, the domain name is formed or store information in the electronic media can regarded as evidence in a civil case. In addition, this judicial interpretation also said that the recording and video data stored in the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA electronic media, the provisions applicable to electronic data. It is reported that this judicial interpretation since February 4th officially implemented. p today reading [Guangxi] br Mechanical Mod and RDA ] Li Xinyuan E-CIGARETTE CHINA served as Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee Guigang br ] Hezhou set up service stations welcome Disposable e cigarette home amp; cavalry amp; br ] Wuzhou roundtrip Guangzhou train ticket is hard to find br ] Yulin City into spring bus 245 vehicles br ] five as the E-CIG CHINA district will now Guangxi first highrise br [newsletter] br ] our fist remediation network account chaos br ] micro ch
annel punishment Plagiarism: five permanent Title br ] Taiwan airliner crashed into the river caused 13 people were killed in the Sichuan br ] uncle letter sun villa map br ] wonderful at the end of the year award popular: the boss to employee feet, p this page for a directory, please press the corresponding key mobile phone to read the
next page content, editing gxb sent to 10658000, can subscribe to Guangxi mobile newspaper; mobile phone newspaper cannot receive selfhelp troubleshooting methods: 1. Off the boot and remove some of the old information; 2. Send SMS BF Hot E Cig kits to 10658000 replacement within 24 hours
is not successfully received mobile newspaper; 3. Replace to another mobile phone
MMS try. Such attempts above are still not receiving, it is recommended you venue communication 100 service hall to deal with. p [the phone to see the spring] br Hezhou City Service Station to welcome home cavalry br during the Spring Festival period, many workers in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan native workers, choose to ride a motorcycle home to celebrate the new year, tens of thousands of longdistance motorcycle army mighty through Hezhou. In order to ensure the safety of the motorcycle crossing to return home, Hezhou city traffic police department, caring companies to deploy early action, do the preparatory work, to meet the arrival of the motorcycle army. It is reported that Hezhou City respectively in Lingfeng, national 207 line Selenastrum hill, Daning, Zhongshan, Bucheon Baisha set five convenience service. As in previous years, these services will provide free of charge to the home of the army to provide free rest, heating, food, medical, motorcycle
maintenance and other services. Wuzhou Guangzhou roundtrip train tickets for


registration. Href= Guangxi news network correspondent Lu Ronglan photo new report. Href= Guangxi news network correspondent Lu Ronglan photo Guangxi health Career Technical College freshmen take the baggage to wait for the report. Href= Guangxi news network correspondent Lu Ronglan photo rel= Guangxi September 10th reporter Huang Xinyue correspondent Lu Ronglan to create a high quality, reasonable structure of the primary health Hot E Cig kits care team, and gradually improve the basic medical and health service capacity, autonomous regions in 2015 to 2019, 3000 medical college students free training.
September 9th, the first batch of free medical college students enrolled in Guangxi health Career Technical College. p it is reported that in our region through the implementation of orders directed rural medical specialist vocational students free ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA training, my area national poverty counties, autonomous region relying on the developme
nt of the poor counties, ethnic minority Autonomous County, county border health center training number is totaling E-CIGARETTE CHINA 3000 people, plans to 2015 and 2019 points 5 years of enrollment, every year to recruit 600 people, 3 years of schooling and training
of medical personnel to go to, well, stay the next batch, strengthening the health based.
p these medical college student oriented in order, exempt from tuition and accommodation E-CIG CHINA fee, enjoy state of relevant policies to take care of higher vocational students, students get admission notice before the need respectively with schools and students to Wei gauge Disposable e cigarette board signed the relevant agreement, commitment to enjoy relevant treatment, and assume the relevant responsibilities and obligations, after graduation to signed an agreement where the county township health center services for six years. p according to Guangxi health vocational and technical college president Wang Chao Lin introduction, this year 600 free medical college student enrollment plan is mainly undertaken by the guard Vocational Technical College, Guangxi University of Technology Mechanical Mod and RDA School of medicine and Guangxi College of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the arrangement of the autonomous region health plan and the Department of education’s plan, this year health vocational and technical college training rural free order oriented higher vocational medical college students plan is 250, recruitment place for eight cities of
Nanning, Wuzhou, Beihai, Yulin, Guigang, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang, Chongzuo, 51 counties, eventually admitted to the 242. report to the scene in the newborn, the reporter saw the admission this year, the highest score of the health vocational and Technical College of liberal arts students Pan Liujin. 1

This year’s September 10th is the thirtyfirst teacher’s day

This year’s September 10th is the thirtyfirst teacher’s day, in order to thank the teachers, Nanning City, a wide range of activities to carry out a wide range of activities, for the teacher’s
blessing. Warm embrace, DIY cards, handmade pot These blessings are entrusted with every kind of new students to the teacher’s gratitude adoration. XiXiangTang District Education Bureau of Nanning city to carry out various activities to meet the teachers’ day today, China is the thirtyfirst teachers’ day. At 9 o’clock in the morning and, XiXiangTang District, Nanning City Bureau of education in Tian Xiu elementary school held a teacher’s Day recognition cum advanced teachers deeds of the report, extend my greetings and best wishes to the city district, the majority of educators. [with] the 12th EASTPO will 27 forum activities to broaden the Nanning channel on September 10th, Guangxi News Network reporter learned from the China ASEAN Expo Secretariat, the 12th session of the China ASEAN Expo will focus on China and ASEAN and other along the way countries along the key areas of cooperation in the, held 27 forum activities, the content involves multiple transport, ports, finance, science and technology, environmental protection, education, culture and other fields. [with] Nan
ning informed 10 people around amp; four wind amp; and the problem E-CIGARETTE CHINA of corruption typical cases of the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of national day, CPC Nanning City Commission for Discipline Inspection informed the 10 happen around the masses four winds and the problem of corruption typical cases, so that the people truly see, feel and enjoy Mechanical Mod and RDA a comprehensive strictly results. This year, the Nanning municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels have occurred in the masses around the four
winds and corruption cases 151, 36 people responsible for. [detailed] Nanning to carry out PM10 hundred days crucial action focus on remediation of eight major projects in September 10th, reporters from Nanning City Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, in order to ensure the completion of this year’s PM10 control objectives, Nanning City, city during the two sessions in September 1st, the Nanning air pollution prevention and control work leading group will carry out a 120 day in Nanning City, continuous improvement of environmental air quality PM10. [with] drama the choice and welfare perform a visual feast
cleanses the soul on the evening of September 9, to commemorate the Seventieth Anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people’s Disposable e cigarette Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war, Guangxi Museum of art and the masses of the drama in the Star Theater held the second public performances, play the wonderful story touched the audience. [with] 2015 China ASEAN automobile rally held the E-CIG CHINA second speed match ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA on the morning of 9 Hot E Cig kits 2015, China ASEAN rally match the second race in the rain held in the Rong City of highway 10. The game will participate in the 38.7kmh driver about 20 kilometers road race speed. [with] emotional entanglements, Baise, a man street murder was arrested on the night of Sept. 9 21 30 points Xu, the woman yellow A in Xiangyang Lu, Youjiang District, Baise City, was man Luo holding a sharp Street killing. Reporters learned from the Baise Public Security Bureau Youjiang branch, this is
the case of intentional injury deaths due to emotional entanglement, the suspect Luo has been controlled by the police. [with] in September 9th, the people’s Armed Forces Department of Liuzhou County, the new soldiers]

17:55 20150630 Dalian first diary said today should be second days in Dalian

17:55 20150630 Dalian first diary said today should be second days in Dalian, but due to the previous day is more than 2 pm, in the evening near the night market as well as the train station near the turn, the phone no electricity, and really tired, so did not leave a photo. So today is the first day of Dalian, today is to go to the labor park, the people’s Square and Liaoning Normal University. Here is today’s schedule. morning hurry to eat something, on the back of my travel bag set out, first to find Sanba square, because I live near the
Plaza on March ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 8, but to tell you the truth, students ### told the I several times Sanba square position, I still couldn’t tell, no way, only by the way you feel. But soon found three eight square, but the bus stop looking for me to do is not easy. Is one of the unique features of Dalian bus stop is established, the better is I just look at the first stop found I which a destination, Liaoning Normal University, well, regardless of the 3721, first to which are the same and Liaoning Normal University, standing in front of a is Dalia
n Jiaotong University, just one to two schools. I like to go to the University of every city, not only want to feel the school buildings and academic atmosphere, more important is that every university in the vicinity of a snack street, ha ha for a unique diet has a unique pursuit of people, how can we miss such a chance. Thus, the
first stop is the Dalian Jiaotong University, the university has nothing special, generally speaking, look at a university
as long as the University’s administrative buildings and the library is good, because these two buildings are generally used as a landmark building, so the design is relatively good. Dalian University of Technology of these two buildings are relatively built, it is able to highlight the charm of academic. under a station is Liaoning Normal University, Liaoning Normal University to Henan Agricultural University and I feel like building Mechanical Mod and RDA earlier, a comparison of the old, but such a campus greening are generally very good, long avenue of trees really let people happy, because construction of E-CIGARETTE CHINA Liaoning Normal University is really nothing special, and I did not find the library. Therefore, the photos also rarely. p Hot E Cig kits end of Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Jiaotong University and stroke, in front of the Liaoning Normal University found buses to the people’s Square, just right. There are more
than 70 large and small square in Dalian, some of the squares your little simply does not know that E-CIG CHINA is the square, the general understanding of the square is a wide area can be used for leisure, but according to Dong Dalei access to information, the square is a center to the surrounding radiation. The center is a square, city in general only one or a few, but as Dalian which has more than 70 is rare, is said to be the largest city square. I live near the square are relatively small, the people’s Square should be relatively large, at least, and the common people’s vision Disposable e cigarette is the same. People’s Square is the seat of the Dalian municipal government, the left hand side is the Athens style public security administration building, the right hand side is the same style of the people’s court, looks very much.