20150509 23:23 Disposable e cigarette 213ZJ: fayan Liyan treat need such Tucao appeal and response
Guangxi news fayan ; p Guangxi daily of Liunan highway Nanning six to King of the congestion phenomenon reported verbiage, and autonomous region Party committee and government rule blocking determination and the masses blocking calls for the formation of resonance. On July 5, according to the instructions of the principal leaders of the government of the autonomous region, autonomous region government held a special meeting, study and solve the Liunan highway Nanning six to King of the congestion control problem. Guangxi daily in May 8th 1 edition, the South China Morning Post May 8th A14 version, nanguojinbao May 8th 15 edition. ; spring south highway from Nanning to six scenic section will be blocked, the problem has been a long time and intensified, so that people have Tucao, media appeal, and finally the end of the Autonomous Region Party committee and government to convene a special solution. Governance to solve the problem of the livelihood of the people, is the E-CIG CHINA need for such people Tucao, media E-CIGARETTE CHINA supervision and government response. to listen to the public’s Tucao to f
ind the problem. The public is not no reason to complain about, for the six holiday scenery section blocking people suffer a lot. 14 cities in Guangxi has 8 cities and Nanning to meet in Nanning to six, the design is not reasonable, the traffic is not required to cause people to have Tucao, everyone through microblogging, micro letters, forums and so on from the media, the first half of this year, due to the
festival holiday concentrated, spring Festival, Qingming, March three, five one have come, the six scenic spots ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA will
be blocked, the problem is concentrated, the crowd is relatively concentrated. called on the media is adapt to people’s livelihood reflect public sentiment. Choking on Liu Jing, Guangxi daily, South China Morning Post, southern newspaper today, contemporary life media have done
many reports and appeals, especially South China Morning Post, nanguojinbao for several consecutive years of Liu Jing every day will be blocked, the phenomenon has done detailed investigation and report, this year on holiday relatively concentrated its by plugging problem reports also appears to be more concentrated and combed more organized. As a popular mainstream news media, newspapers follow the people’s livelihood reflecting the feelings of the appeal, also can cause the attention of the relevant departments. government’s timely response reflects the idea of governing for the people and the change of working style. The face of the six king of the crowd, the media called, the regional party committee and government to convene a special meeting to study and solve the shortterm and longterm solution to the specific program, set up the relevant departments responsibilities, to complete the project and schedule, which is the courage to Mechanical Mod and RDA face the people, to respond to social concerns, solve the livelihood issues, but also closely linked to the masses, change work style. Xi Jinping has asked our cadres to the hearts of the party, the hearts of the people, the hearts of the Hot E Cig kits responsibility, the hearts of the ring. The six king of the blocking of the timely response and governance, is in the hearts of the