20150604 14:57 men buy new heights electric car runs 3000 kilometers, 1128 yuan is charging new heights of electric vehicle ; yesterday, Zhuankou’s electric vehicle charging self Yang ushered in the fortysecond days post operation success. This more than a month, his family’s new heights of electric vehicles run the 3000 km, 907 kwh of electricity, the co pay for electricity 539.67 yuan, to become residents in Hubei self built electric vehicle charging pile first person. ; after a lapse of more than a month, the Zhuankou Development Zone, the power company personnel came to the home of Mr. Yang, for his home of electric vehicle charging pile inspection. Reporters saw, Mr. Yang’s home garage wall hanging about two palm sized gray charging pile, shaped like a big mouse, a cable car tail of the battery, the display is being charged. Mr. Yang said, this month to new heights, the electric car almost every day in the open, mileage has reac
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Red Grass Greenhed 3000 kilometers. ; Zhuankou Development Zone, director of the marketing department of the company Liu Yong introduced, Mr. Yang’s charging piles used 907 degrees of electricity, according to the residents with electricity price 0.595 yuan kWh, 539.67 yuan should be paid. Average cost of only 0.18 yuan per kilometer. ; p reporter
http://www.zjchexian.cn/news/html/?4671.html calculate a sum of economic accounts, if the burning gasoline, according to every 100 kilometers consumption 8 liters of oil standard measure, 3000 km to 240 liters of fuel consumption, according to 93 gasoline 6.95 yuan liter price, need to pay 1668 yuan for the cost of oil. Mr. Yang this month to drive electric cars, saving 1128.36 yuan, driving costs accounted for only 13 of ordinary cars. ; Wuhan power company introduced, at present, the city’s application for residential charging piles of electricity users has reached 3. Residents to apply for electric vehicle charging pile with a telegram, simply provide proof of personal identity, parking or garage property as well as residential property to prove that. ; yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Price Bureau announced that Wuhan electric car charging service fee will be implemented in the government guidance price management, the introduction of specific standards within this year. At present, there are two electric vehicle charging ways, one is the use of social management of charging piles, one is in the district charging. According to the requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, the former implement electricity price concessions, the implementation of large industrial electricity price, and free basic electricity by 2020; for charging household residential, residential quarters and other facilities of electricity, the implementation of residential electricity prices. no classification Rel= n

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