20150612 07:52 is not lost the whole car insurance p amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; not long ago, owners because the mouse crept into the car launched the cabin to avoid, wire harness snapped, causing a short circuit, resulting in engine damage, repair cost 700 million yuan. Although the owners insurance is all risks, but refused to pay the repair cost of insurance companies. br amp; in this regard, the insurance industry experts remind, the all risks is not lose, what accident payment, are specified in the insurance clauses. br mouse caused exclusions case br according to reports, the auto insurance disputes triggered by the mouse occurs in a Beijing owner Ms. Zhu. By engine belt presses for a mouse into the engine compartment, causing the belt to fall off, causing the water pump does not work, the cooling liquid can not operate normally, the loss of the heat dissipation function, and finally lead to high engine temperature, engine serious deformation, can not operate normally. The owner spent 71405 yuan, but also to pay 300 yuan fee to rescue rescue workers. for the costs of the repair, the insurance company refused to pay. The reason is that the acciden
Mens Lebron James Soldier 7 Grey Yellowt is not within the scope of the protection of auto insurance, and therefore refused to pay compensation. Insurance company said. The car park, should pay attention to moisture and pest. Moisture will not only cause the metal parts rust, but also damage electrical components, which is a higher degree of automation of the car is fatal. The rodent will erode the wire, tire, interior decoration. So be sure to avoid more damage, not to
http://26065288.com/news/html/?4686.html wet, to make use of rodents. Some stray cats or abandoned animals, it is easy to find such a warm home at night. Cats effects on vehicle is generally small, but if the mouse crept into the car, very may bite the inside wiring harness, cause a short circuit, to use the vehicle impact, causing unnecessary losses to the owners. Mice and other small animals into the engine room is not uncommon. Because not in the range of insurance claims, if the vehicle suffered a rat suffering from how to deal with? Reporter recently consulted a professional, responsible for professional maintenance technician Master said, anti rat bite car engine line! Placed some strong stimulating smell something in the engine case, such as camphor, rotten eggs, etc. hanging in the spare parts of the engine box. Do not pay attention to the object near the high temperature, to prevent the high temperature melting. The purpose is to make the mouse uncomfortable. Also available in three cats RTW car driving one, the rat bite line, pipeline but we should pay attention to the correct use method! Yiwang cat car drive in triple, nontoxic environmental protection to the vehicle no corrosion, for rats and insects taste olfactory function drive rats and insects, and eliminating the stink in Sao, maintenance engine pipeline. To spray to the surface, the surface wet rhyme is good. Parking in, hotel, cafeteria, ditch edge, rat intensive activity area to multi jet. Is not recommended to the carwash flushing with high pressure water gun of the engine compartment, this will mice nest, food residues rushed to the crevice in the engine compartment, with water cannons flush will

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