20150721 21:27 sells tomb building is rich or dig one’s own grave? Disposable e cigarette p in recent days, the worker’s Daily reporter has received complaints from the public, said in Wushan County of Chongqing, a green hill was full of hundreds of thousands of graves. Acres of farmland, forest land was sold. The tomb, the tomb of luxury. worker’s Daily July 20th a pool of E-CIG CHINA clear water, the two sides of Castle Peak, the Three Gorges Hongye, as the Wushan County propaganda language, poetry is beautiful enough, enough.
Enough to support this everything is holding a county is known as Landscape Gallery Three Gorges of the Yangtze River Three Gorges, Xiongqi Xiu Yi small Three
Gorges, and mountain ring of water small Three Gorges. Now, this piece is Yu Song said Three Gorge Badong long, ape cry three tears wet skirts Mechanical Mod and RDA beautiful land, but covet petty villagers degenerated into acres of farmland, 000 seat grave gloomy graveyard. I do not know if the singer returned, today will be what feeling? perhaps in people’s eyes, good scenery is equivalent to good Feng shui. In recent years, to the county to find the tomb of people more and more. And local villagers also seems to in as a door industry doing: only according to the reporter interviewed the two households in the village, which a household has sold living tomb the 88 seat; another family of the contracted land, has built the tomb have more than 20 seats, the living tomb 10 near the bridge, there are a f
ew pieces of land sold to be built. According to the reporter, the villagers to buy land to build a tomb, no matter where you are from, there is no area restrictions, as long as the money on the line. The fact is so, in the place where the reporter after, at every turn tens of square meters of the cemetery can be found everywhere, some
luxurious tomb covers an area of hundreds of square or more. p a quite puzzling phenomenon is that on one E-CIGARETTE CHINA side and the villagers of the hard sell, side is relevant departments turn a blind eye: behind in the village office building, large tracts of arable land is circle and built a cemetery. A row of six or seven tomb, next to the village, I do not know whether there is intention to show off? And and the surrounding largescale sell tomb built form a contrast, it is five years receive only buried 500 bits of the deceased’s county seven cemetery cemetery. In accordance with the Chongqing regulations on Administration of funeral and interment, even after Hot E Cig kits the death of the burial area rural villagers, the body should be buried into the social public cemetery, public cemetery or within the areas designated by the thin coffin buried deep, bury the body outside the cemetery and the delineation of areas prohibited, not to mention is arbitrary to sell tomb built the. It is said that the first of the villagers to sell land to build the tomb is more than a decade ago. Know in such a long time, in
the face of the law expressly prohibited to sell made the tomb, local authorities why ignore, let the growing and expanding, leading to the formation of the of today? p to sell made tomb rampant behind, should have the county economy poor shadow: Although known as the county tourism and resource county, but natural environment is of high mountains and steep slope land infertile, and arable land per capita possession quantity is less than 1 mu. 610000 people in the county, there are 66000 poor people, is a new round of national poverty alleviation work. In the reality of the situation, the scenery attract all parties to this landmark built tomb and can easily become both effort and lucrative revenue ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA doorways. For example, the county.