20150801 22:20 original attention leftbehind children: radiant and leftbehind children is different from the leftbehind children Lu Zengzhun p in recent years, left behind children are attracted people’s attention, on left behind children’s problems has gradually
become the hot topic of people’s attention, left behind children became more and more obvious, Hot E Cig kits now is not only a statistical data so simple. It has become a social pathologies, had to face the social problems. Left behind, there are many reasons: first, the parents of the children left behind, they can not receive Mechanical Mod and RDA and arrange them to follow their parents to the nearest school, mainly urban education resources are limited, so that they can not follow the study; two are migrant workers, parents can not give them a stable life, so can not let them follow study; three are migrant workers, or a person’s economic
capacity E-CIG CHINA can not support a home, four is home to have children and elderly care, so they can not follow. These are the reasons why most children in rural areas are forced to be left behind children. most children in
rural areas are left behind children, this has become a fact, we have to face the fact that the society. Now left behind children more and more attention of the state and society, especially in the field of education, the state has increased efforts to support them, such as rural built boarding schools, let children left home; nutritional breakfast, nutritional lunch, to solve the
left behind E-CIGARETTE CHINA children’s growth question; thin Engineering, go teach, let the left behind children get better education. Although we have ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA paid a lot of efforts to rural left behind children, the problem of left behind children is still a lot of problems, which mainly exist in the longterm lack of family education, because the longterm lack of parental care and love, left behind children growing up in the road of hard . This let us serious attention Disposable e cigarette and pity them, at the same time to think about such problems: how to solve their very lack of family education. Let them
feel the warmth of the home at the moment. br now pleasant goat and big big wolf being hit, often with his son together to watch the pleasant goat and big big wolf and had an epiphany: radiant their parents are not around, they is not a happy left behind children The same is leftbehind children, why they can grow up happy and healthy happy? Take the fairy tale story with the real life contrast, a bit too, not too realistic. But why don’t we can absorb some good practices from the merchant to them? p pleasant goat and big big wolf have what good way: is radiant they have a very prestigious organization, management, education and guide, that is their mayor slow sheep, and guide them to the good direction of development; second, they are a study group, there is a form of organization of class management mode; third, they eat together,