20150810 09:49 money gold Connaught: gold and silver trading go to reach the peak of perfection p A, do not blindly chasing, br br a dish of chess, OK, it is important to start; E-CIGARETTE CHINA can get a game of tennis, serving great influence. In the process of trading futures, do not say, the reason for ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the loss, the timing of the market is not good, the price is
too bad for a lot of ingredients. The market up to buy the market fell down after, chase sell, buy the price to sell price often top bottom, one into the city were secure. This is the result of blind pursuit of the city. to avoid blindly chasing the city, free fined by the Mechanical Mod and RDA drum spend game, it is important to bear. Generally speaking, all the time like a swarm of bees to rob, you do not need to go, endure. Trend for the better, as long as to shun
consolidation before Disposable e cigarette buying; trend downward, to do short wait to sell some high rebound. Unless es a line the bull market or a line such
as stone plunging to the ground, you will miss a chance, in fact, touch on such a special situation, even if you start
with the market and the opportunity to earn, but price also won’t good where to go. So, don’t miss jietan. After all, we are entering the market in order to earn the difference, as long as the market volatility, there will always be a difference exists. Opportunity always, why the blind pursuit! br br to homeopathic walk br br many traders are most likely to commit errors is according to itself the subjective desire of buying and selling, obviously, darling, a wave of more than one billow high rise, but es guess top, forced to shorting; see the trend of selling pressure as a mountain, level than a decline, but thought immediately wanted to E-CIG CHINA rebound, rush to buy, of course, Hot E Cig kits the result is bogged down in the mud, miserably was secure. how to and how real are two different things. amp; hope amp; in other areas of life is undoubtedly the motivation to
succeed, and for futures traders, winning is the resistance. Commodity futures trading, with a wide range of participants, prices were mixed according to supply and demand, economic, political and other factors, and ultimately depends on the strength of the dry market trade. When the market buying than selling, the trend to become.