20150810 10:52 beat the confinement of husband wife Is it right? Crazy? husband beat confinement wife Is it right? Crazy? Author: p this morning, I saw a file in the office, all of a sudden, a woman walked in and said: Bing Ling lawyer, divorce need what conditions? what does that mean? I asked, can you say a little bit? if I sue for divorce, then I need to be prepared for what action? The woman said, after this lawsuit, probably how much cost? the need to prepare the prosecution of the main prosecution, marriage certificate, identity card or account of this, there are a total of property certificates and feelings of rupture and so on. I said, how much money is needed to fight the lawsuit in the end, I can ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA not tell you a specific number, in general, the cost of litigation is about litigation. I don’t have any money, can the relevant departments reduce the cost of litigation? The woman said, I do not
know now the confinement, the relevant departments on whether to grant my husband divorce. if you are in a difficult situation, you will be in charge of the cost o
f litigation. I said, since you production soon, freeze divorce idea why do you want to in this case with husband divorce? I want to divorce, because he often implemented domestic violence. The woman said, he usually play I also calculate, surprisingly I was born a child not yet a full moon, he
hit a I twice, and also the my body beat Hot E Cig kits the green a Ukrainian Tuo, he really did not love and respect me. why Mechanical Mod and RDA did he hit you? I asked, does he have a disease? he’s like his E-CIG CHINA father, he just likes to beat his wife! The woman says, he has a disease, usually to the village people very well! he is good for others, why not good for you? I asked, did you irritate him before he beat you? p he hit me often said, you this silly woman is ugly and not to earn money, and usually also dare to bicker with husband, simply die reborn forget it. The woman said, he cursed me, I definitely want to retort to strike back, but I Disposable e cigarette never unprovoked anger him, he is to see and I tired child beat and scold me, I really can not stand. how long have you been married? I asked, is the son or daughter? we got married E-CIGARETTE CHINA for more than a year. The woman said, life is a son. more than a year of marriage, he will abandon you ugly? He is rich handsome? I asked, he doesn’t like your son? he is poor dwarf dwarf!
The woman said, he told a son is a big trouble and later you’ll have to help his wife to housing, too tired to harm a person, and my daughter is different until she grew up to marry
her scored, both relaxing and refreshing. he is in your confinement play