20150814 18:39 the quiet town of Shuhe and Lijiang red delicious salmon swim in Yunnan 6 Spring Township Shuhe town of Dongba Feng Ling Gallery Lijiang’s unique inland salmon Hot E Cig kits the tranquility of the beam River ancient town and delicious Lijiang Salmon break a href 100007 L rel = Yunnan travel used 6 photo: Abraham Beam River ancient town is known as township of spring, only a few kilometers away from Lijiang, simple, quiet, as a smaller version of the Lijiang, more suitable for quiet love to tourists. And Lijiang salmon dinner let me very surprised, away from the sea there are salmon, really made me a new understanding of Lijiang food. 7 August 17, we papaya meme Chuang Yunnan tour group from the black dragon pool park out, not to the hotel directly to Beam River ancient town play, just a drizzle has also been in the next, so can stroll time is Disposable e cigarette 1 hour. Shuhe is an important part of
the world cultural heritage Old Town of Lijiang, was named in 2005 CCTV Chinese charm of the town. Beam River most people like is the E-CIGARETTE CHINA sun, 2006 for the first time I came here, very clean Town,
in the inside of the inn lived a night, in here flowers of the inn can sleep to nature to wake, and then
accompanied by the warmth of the sun, walking in the Yang Liu Yiyi, gurgling streams of the Qing Shiban Road, next to the building of the old
house, feeling the change history, tired of walking, in the small courtyard of the inn spent the whole day will not feel bored. Beam River, the Naxi language called Shao Wu, meaning a village under the peak, is the ancient Naxi in Lijiang Bazi, the earliest settlement of, br also is the tea horse ancient road to preserve intact the important market town is Naxi ancestors of commercial civilization transition from farming civilization to live the. Here is the former caravan activities up to the town, and now into the beam of the river, still can see a lot of horses, just basically are used for riding tourists. The main street has become a commercial street, feeling too many people, even if it is raining. There are E-CIG CHINA a lot of snacks in front of a roadside in Lijiang, this ought not to be allowed, but this increase with the breath of life. Because I did not think it would be so cold rain, I spent 10 yuan in the ancient town to buy a
scarf, the rain with a lot ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of warm, look at the ancient town in the rain a lot of style. Mechanical Mod and RDA Shuhe is suitable for the morning and evening visitors to visit, into the green stone streets, will be more quiet, more relaxed, around the