21:08 20150908 fish baby most likely to eat fish, the most likely to be discarded nutritional site! For so many years do not know. Eat a lot of fish, many people only like to eat fish, but you know, in fact, in addition to fish, fish and many places are very nutritious. Today, a small series tell you to eat fish, the most easy to be wrong to discard the nutritional site, what are they? Fish fish is rich in choline, protein, unsaturated fatty acid, lecithin and calcium, sulfur and other minerals. Choline has the effect of enhancing memory. Lecithin has the function of protecting liver, promoting the development of nerve and brain. Unsaturated
fatty acid has the function of preventing and Disposable e cigarette treating atherosclerosis, high blood cholesterol, hypertension and heart disease. Therefore, often eat E-CIG CHINA fish is ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA good for health. People can fish with a small fire boil to eat frozen fish scale, but also can be made into soup to eat. Fish with rich nutrition, good taste and easy digestion and absorption, etc The study found that fish is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin D and B group vitamins, enzymes,
minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, zinc, selenium and other, unsaturated fatty acid and highquality protein and other nutrients. Fish fish eye is rich in vitamin B1 and Mechanical Mod and RDA twentytwo carbon twenty carbon six acid and five acid and other unsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients can enhance people’s memory and thinking ability, reduce the content of cholesterol in the body. Therefore, people who use their brains more often eat
fish. The fish brain contains rich polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, which are helpful to the development of baby’s brain, and has the effect of adjuvant treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. But the fish brain also contains more cholesterol, so should not eat more. Fish i.e., fish maw MAW is a kind of high protein and low fat food ideal. There is a fish records as early as 1600
years ago, E-CIGARETTE CHINA in qiminyaoshu. The book is
called fish with high nutrition food as the bird’s nest, shark’s fin. Modern research found that contains rich collagen molecules in the swimbladder. The material has improved human tissues and cells, nutritional status, promote the growth of the body, delay skin aging effect. With fish dishes made from smooth taste, delicate. In addition, sea fish swim bladder wall thick, are often made of dried food. This fish is called dried fish maw. People in the former must be edible fish maw, oil or blisters in advance. Thick maw oil or blisters are good, thin oil soaked maw effect. Fish bone contains rich calcium, can prevent and treat osteoporosis. Therefore in the growth period of young people and the elderly bones start aging should eat fish. In addition, because Hot E Cig kits many people are not cooked fish and throw them away. In fact, there are many ways of cooking the fish. For example, can be dried, crushed bones, and made meatballs edible meat stuffing. You can also put a little vinegar in fish, and use the pressure cooker to cook, this can make the fish bone softening, direct consumption. no classification