22:11 20150723 Rui Chenggang Rui Chenggang Rui Chenggang September 24, 1977, Anhui Hefei, China, CCTV reporter announcer, presenter, member of the Communist Party of Chinese, admitted Disposable e cigarette to the China Foreign
Affairs University in 1995 the English Department, transferred
to the Department of international economy and trade three. Once served Hot E Cig kits as Mechanical Mod and RDA China CCTV English news channel, financial China Program anchor, presided over a number of English broadcast programs; served as financial channel economic information network, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA glob
al financial connection program
host, has hundreds of E-CIGARETTE CHINA international business community, economic E-CIG CHINA academic and political leaders have
http://lvmamapromotion.cn/news/html/?618.html an interview. However, since July 11, 2014, it has been suspended all activities. br Rui was born in Hefei, father Huang Jiazuo under the pseudonym Tong is the author of children’s literature in the new small stone, the mother Rui Shumin, a sister Huang’s. Rui from the new small pillars hero of Shi steel. Rui Chenggang from the excellent results, from grade three to start learning English, the first and the family teacher learning English textbooks. The middle school time, Hefei eight served as chairman of the student union. 1995 1999 2014