24 years old, what are you doing? Looking for work, or in the new unit probation? Zhang Yansong has been in the ice city sell breakfast. Behind him, three investment for the project investment one hundred million. run by Zhang Yansong called good the cat local breakfast entrepreneurial projects, use free home delivery mode of national rare. July in Kazakhstan listed the first month, the highest one morning to sell nearly 60000 yuan breakfast. Now, his Harbin market in the rapid spread, the national market will soon be moving. The office is a dirt road, the house slightly messy, reminiscent of the early start of hard stereotypes but in Zhang Yansong’s telling it doesn’t set up: he was not from the street selling breakfast started, because there is no money and insomnia Although he had to get up at dawn, worry about things often. 90 to sell rice logic room 10 minutes late, for free! through the WeChat booked Xiaojuan, a August 21st good cat breakfast. Arrived, the breakfast than a given time was 10 minutes late. She didn’t mind, but the attendant has refused to collect the money. Then Zhang Yansong explained to reporters, in fact that attendant is early, because her family unit number is fuzzy, the wrong corridor But the customer didn’t get to it in time for breakfast is a fact, promise late free, you have to do. this graduated last year after 90 boys, have their own market logic. He knows the rarity of truth, poor service and low credibility before suffering in the country particularly criticized still do not see the slightest improvement, just in time, such scarce customer experience, always let a person shine at the moment, and the rapid accumulation of market reputation. good cat breakfast main lazy bed or not cook young man. Product style and taste close to KFC: sandwich, hamburger, noodles, porridge, and Soybean Milk A single product 2 to 8 yuan, the price of the people first. Importantly, home second days after the booking morning at the appointed time, do not charge any delivery fee. Even a cup of 2 yuan Soybean Milk, we can doortodoor. Zhang Yansong smiled, in order to brand quality, but few people will just order a cup of Soybean Milk. this national rare sell meal pattern, in fact, need to solve a problem that can’t be avoided: city of zero distance home delivery, the need for personnel intensive logistics system, which means to exploit this new market to support large delivery team. But the huge cost of inputs, for a startup companies, not reality. Zhang Yansong and his team at times after the 90 out of a zero investment scheme: breakfast early production by processing factory OEM, from the factory to the site distribution is completed by the third party logistics company, and the most crucial community last 100 meters catering and customer development and maintenance of the residents don’t throw a person to attract small warehouse, supermarket owner to buy to complete, each selling