604519_3562_61 3562 61 the firelight too Wang and other symptoms get angry, but also the actual situation, the patients with fire devaluation cinnamon porridge, patients with real fire not only can eat bitter, Yangxin general Party, soothe the nerves of the grape honey paste also has diarrhea firelight. amp; heat when the anti firelight Wang recently I heard such a funny thing: that is in a
Jordan 12 Nubuck Men year in the summer, the heat was to fire like, two teams chose basketball game held at this time, results that day of fouls in particular, is even more ridiculous, have a i love jordan nubuck men player actually to throw the ball into their own basket to, this is not, throws in the ball after also is accused of referees i like lebron james 2016 error, attracted fans of a burst of laughter, said the man play crazy, say he is deliberately making trouble. Actually from the point of view of the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, he neither knocked out the head, nor is it to mean to make trouble, but the firelight too large, disrupt the mind as a result. Because in the Chinese view, the heart of God, heart Lord god. What is God? We go back to the player is out of the question in which, in so hot days to play, it is not possible without breaking a sweat, and appears in traditional Chinese medicine
Jordan 12 Nubuck Red Black, sweat fluid of the heart, blood, outside is sweat. That is to say, Khan is a part of the blood. When the play to consume a large amount of sweat, diminishes the negative i love cheap jordans wholesale things, the Yin and Yang, less water, fire is big, the mind is also a problem. So if the weather is hot, you will begin to upset gas impatient, easy to quarrel with others, you have to be careful, that you
Jordan 13 Nubuck Men have is heart disease, is a flourishing firelight, firelight, although only lit a, but the anger
http://zgzsmhw.cn/news/html/?241704.html up, more of the consequences is that can range from mild to severe. The light is dizzy aphtha, weight is caused by myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, blood pressure, and even lead to sudden death. Thus, there should be a timely response to the fire. Especially in the summer, should be careful is, because in the summer after, the climate to heat based, and the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks heart qi and the summer air is communicated, the heart in the person’s internal organs is the main fire. In summer is the main hot, two fire added to the discount kids air jordan shoes inflammation, so the summer is the firelight is the most flourishing season, by the firelight too prosperous cause of symptoms
Jordan 11 Nubuck Men and diseases most, Chinese medicine emphasizes summer to Yangxin is also based on this. The cinnamon porridge, so do not worry about the virtual fire, the summer firelight Wang how to recuperate? The firelight had Wang is also lit a, so it and other symptoms of fire, deficiency and, virtual fire manifested as fever, night sweats, upset, dry mouth, etc., causing discount lebron james website the main reason for the deficiency fire exuberant heart kidney is not handed in, the socalled heart renal don’t hand over like there are so two people to burn a pot of warm water, say what a responsible for fires, a responsible for fetching water, but due to various reasons, resulting in the water did not pick back, the fire has been burning, this time there are a what? hot and cold in the lower. Above to send fire phase, and night sweats, is upset, thirst, dry mouth, below is a cold phase, legs and knees were cold, in the winter to warm warm bed. So, to solve this problem is not the key to Quhuo, but to lead firelight downward or upregulation of renal water. How to lead fire downward, available such i like air jordan shoes men as Achyranthes root, cinnamon and other paper