Video loading, please wait… Auto play play Langyashan five heroes defamation case forward and backward Langyashan five heroes later sued Hong vibration fast reputation infringement case verdict Beijing City People’s Court of Xicheng District today on the "Langyashan five." the two heroes Ge Zhenlin, Song Xue Ge Changsheng, Song Fubao sued righteous descendants of "spring and Autumn Annals" magazine agency, former
Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Shoes executive editor of Hong vibration fast against the right of reputation and honor right verdicts, the defendant Hong vibration quickly immediately stop the infringement of Ge Zhenlin, Song Xueyi fame and honor behavior; three days after the entry into force of the judgment, the defendant Hong Zhenkuai published in the media announcement, an apology to the plaintiff Ge Changsheng, Song Fubao buy Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Shoes apology, eliminate the impact of. Court after hearing that "Monty Langyashan five" and its spirit has been widely recognized by the whole nation is a part of the collective memory of the Chinese nation, is one of the kernel of the spirit of the Chinese nation, but also the socialist core values of the important content. Defendant Hong vibration fast published
Womens Nike Air Max TN WTN07 two articles in no sufficient evidence, the multiple made plausible speculation, and even questioned the evaluation, by emphasizing the with the main fact independent or less relevant details and guides the reader to Langyashan five heroes, the heroes group and deeds details question, so as to deny the authenticity of the main facts, thereby reducing their heroic image and spirit value. buy Nike Air Max 2014 Women Shoes Therefore, the defendant has carried out the infringement of reputation and honor. And, the case involving the article through the Internet communication, have a greater impact, hurt the plaintiff’s personal feelings, hurt the public’s national and historical feelings, but also damage the social public interest. The court held that the defendant as living in a Chinese citizen, spiritual value contained in the historical event of Langyashan five shall with ordinary citizens have cognitive. Of Langyashan five heroes, and embodies the national spirit and national feelings shall is usually adults with understanding, especially should recognize questioning related articles published and will spread to the detriment of Langyashan five’s honour and reputation, also to its close cousin is emotional and spiritual damage, will damage
Nike Air Max 2014 Women Shoes the social public interests. The defendant has the ability to control the damage caused by the article may not be controlled, is still in the state of the existing state, obviously in the subjective fault, should bear the tort liability. The court held that the Langyashan five heroes and their deeds unite the national feelings and historical memory and show the buy Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Shoes national spirit, and part of the socialist core values in contemporary China an important source, with great spiritual values, but also in China as a nation indispensable spiritual kernel. The "Langyashan five heroes" reputation damage, but also damage to the spirit of the Chinese nation value. The defendant by the infringement of reputation, honor rights and interests and social public interests
Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Shoes in the so-called "academic research", deny the facts of Langyashan five warriors fought bravely against the enemies and the dauntless spirit, advocated the freedom of speech is clearly not enough to the establishment of the defense of the tort liability. According to the above reasons, the court made the first instance verdict. Editor: Wang Haocheng the key words: Langyashan five heroes descendants