Today, vice secretary of secretary of Yiyang, Taojiang Hunan xianzhengfawei Yin seventh, another full-time lawyer sparked heated debate. Obama (WeChat ID:guanhaijieju) reporter found that grassroots officials do part-time is not uncommon. Is to do the same officials do part-time, and Internet users, the difference, and some are one-sided support. Some people called "punishment", this is why? What is the party and government cadres can not do? Politics
Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes and Law Committee of surging News reported deputy secretary general, Yiyang Hunan county county Party committee deputy secretary Yin seventh in Changsha propagandizes Information Law Firm lawyer ‘s identity. June 22nd, Taojiang County Committee confirmed this, at the same time, he also confirmed his identity as a lawyer in the Law Corporation. Statistics show that Yin seventh in the division of politics and Law Committee and the buy Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes procuratorate, and in law firms engaged in criminal defense, Acting civil litigation. In addition to these two identities, Yin of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month also Taojiang County Government mining office as director of the, and Taojiang County, the 16th session of the identity of the Standing Committee of, Taojiang County CPPCC the eight. Yin seventh think is anchored at the Law Corporation, not
Womens Nike Air Max 2013 150730053 the practice and kit and anchored in the future. Insiders said that each person has only one document, the identity of the civil servants and practicing lawyers can not be carried out at the same time, both are completely different two sets of file management system. If there are two identities at the same time, there must be a problem with the file. Hunan Province public legal buy Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes service network platform, information that the identity of the company as a full-time lawyer Yin of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month: "2009 began formal full-time lawyers 6 years, agents various types of civil cases and criminal defense cases of more than 80 pieces, because before be engaged in legal work, has profound legal knowledge, combined with practical experience in recent years, of all kinds of cases can skillfully handle." Whether it is the current law, the civil service system, public officials can not have a lawyer’s identity, even if it is a lawyer, it is necessary to resign for many years before it can be. Public identity, can be used as a lawyer, only a higher authority, delegated to a local, or judicial authorities to the prosecutor for judicial assistance. Yin
Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month showed the Taojiang County Personnel Management Center of his papers submitted application materials, no career, including his wife did not work. 2 mayor about cars "breadwinner". Another is province Shexian, Anhui Province Wang Cun Zhen, vice mayor of Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, he went to the county school met on the road, pull the car, the results are buy Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes reported. The survey found that he was in the incident 359 single, with a total revenue of about two thousand yuan or three thousand yuan. Kang Sheng interview with the media is also very frank: these days there are a lot of reporters to interview me, things on the Internet so much. I know a lot of friends think I wronged, but in the open network of
Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes the car this thing is wrong, wrong, wrong, I have nothing to say, thank you for your concern. Now I want to report all the situation with the organization, and other Commission for Discipline Inspection, if there is a willingness to accept the punishment. Later no longer received a single, accept the lesson. It is understood that the red rose in February 2015 was chosen as the king of Shexian Division