Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June 25 – to create a bright future for Sino Russian relations, in the Sino Russian good neighborly Treaty of friendship and cooperation signed Memorial speeches on the fifteenth anniversary (25 June 2016, chairman of Beijing) the people’s the president of the Republic Xi Jinping respect of Vladimir Putin, ladies and gentlemen, friends: today, we here long celebration good neighborly Treaty of friendship
Nike Air Max 95 360 Women Shoes and cooperation of the 15th anniversary of the signing of the. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, on behalf of the Chinese government and people in my own name, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to the people of China and Russia, and to extend friendly greetings to the people of China and Russia! 15 years ago, in a comprehensive summary of the buy Nike Air Max 95 360 Women Shoes experiences and achievements of bilateral relations and historical development, China and Russia signed a treaty of good. The two countries aligned, and not confrontation, not for the concept of a new relationship and generations, with the relationship between the law in the form of fixed and the two countries long-term development in the 21st century has laid a solid legal basis for the friendship of the third
Womens Nike Air Max 95 360 W53010 party. Under the guidance of the purposes and principles of the treaty, we soon completely solve the legacy of the legacy of history, so as to establish a strategic partnership of equality, mutual trust, mutual support and common prosperity and friendship from generation to generation, the peoples of the two countries to bring real benefits, and made positive contribution to peace, security and stability of the region buy Nike Air Max 95 Women Shoes and the world. 15 years, under the guidance of the spirit of the treaty, the Sino Russian comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership in a high level of rapid development, cooperation in various fields to achieve fruitful results. Both foreign policy priority, harmony, equality, about each other’s core interests firm mutual support, mutual respect and firm support, to each other on the road for the development of the situation, the establishment of a high degree of political mutual trust. The two development as their own development opportunities, mutual support, mutual operating their own business, mutual support, mutual development, powerful, mutual fear of power, is committed to to common development, to achieve common prosperity. — both sides establish comprehensive high-level exchanges mechanism, timely on major issues of mutual concern close communication, in-depth consultations, open communication, solve the
Nike Air Max 95 Women Shoes difficulties and problems in the process of cooperation, to ensure the high level operation of bilateral relations. — Based on mutual benefit and win-win and mutually beneficial economic cooperation principle, the bilateral trade volume more than 15 years period increased more than 10 times, from simple trade extended to various fields of investment, finance, energy, aerospace, high technology, high iron, agriculture, local and cooperative from a simple buy Nike Air Max 2009 Women Shoes buyer seller relationship extends to joint development, joint production and the level of cooperation from the border trade development to the strategic and economic interests of integration of large projects. — the booming cultural exchanges between the two countries, nationalities, language, tourism, friendly exchange year of youth has been successfully held, media exchange activities are carried out in full swing, between our two peoples are favored an
Nike Air Max 2009 Women Shoes increase, the traditional friendship increasingly consolidated. – in international and regional affairs and close coordination and cooperation, mutual support and cooperation in international and regional organization for the United Nations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, AsiaInfo, BRIC countries, China, Russia and India the G20 group of. To jointly promote international and regional hotspot issues and the process of political settlement, improve the global governance system, to promote international peace and stability