Photos of the Li Qingli, the original title: Office of National Narcotics Control: drug artist has to accept the punishment, back to Beijing society, June 26 (Xinhua) recently, director, vice director of the office of the National Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of public security anti drug information technology center, Wang Wei, deputy director in a video interview said
Nike Air Max 87 Women Shoes the role of the masses in the drug control is the core. In addition, as a teenage idol, the star in the model drug has a greater sense of social responsibility. As for the drug’s artists can not "kill a stick", to accept the punishment, you can go back to the community. Lan Weihong said: "a lot of buy Nike Air Max 87 Women Shoes young people, especially children’s imitation, parents often decide your future children. So I think the enterprise should have the responsibility, as a social person also has the responsibility, as a literary crowd in the film and television literature, he has a greater sense of social responsibility. As a star, as the idol of young people have a good
Womens Nike Air Max 87 151022022 demonstration, in addition to the performance on the screen, in life, there should be a good example of the role of. If our star is in the high screen, in the life of the drug, then he should not appear on the screen." Lan Weihong said the office of drug control has always attached great importance to drug buy Nike Air Max 90 AAA Women Shoes prevention education. Due to years of education, many people know drugs, more and more people are aware of the drug harm, also know that drugs are bad for the country and the people bring disaster, there are many warm-hearted people to participate in the anti drug work, such as "sunrise" for the masses, such as Guangzhou express elder brother. Lan Weihong stressed that the role of drugs to control the masses is very central, and if people start, and then the anti drug work will be better. Previous drug-related artists Ke Zhendong recently returned to the entertainment industry, when it comes to LAN Weihong, first of all the national policy is to save lives, rather than
Nike Air Max 90 AAA Women Shoes "a Bonzi killed", and even crime, should also give him a chance. He should accept the drug related punishment, can be punished, return to society. She added: "we are now in the social network legal system, there are special provisions in the discipline of literary theory, drug addicts, including news broadcast publishing their regulations, if an artist is buy Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Women Shoes in conformity with the provisions, he can show. But people also have the right to choose, for example, to express their views, or not to see his film, which is also very normal, because you do not destroy your image. Want to go back to drug-related artists masses, said LAN reddish. "I suggest that he to practice, really
Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Women Shoes quit drugs, stay away from drugs, but also have the courage to own experience and how pollution is how to get rid of, I think the broad masses of the people will accept his honest secret behind a table feeling, I think will give up the most kind-hearted people." Editor: Chen Yan sn225, this article key words: drug abuse