A sharp depreciation of the RMB is ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the current government raid exchange rate of Disposable e cigarette an action, it is estimated that the impact on the Mechanical Mod and RDA market is long and short. Shortterm market at least the shock is inevitable, the rebound can continue to observe, feel the possibility of direct rest is not big, should be able to continue to rebound, but the process is more complex. If these two days have plunged, feel to still can bo low price, now in addition to this way, there seems to be no other
good method the to cope with the madness of the market now. Forwarding?: the 600106, 002126 Hot E Cig kits and August 11th on the same day to buy or to buy the analysis, showing that they are in a certain change, in trying to use a new perspective on the market and operation. This method continues, there should be a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Forwarding? @qq quanjing@1413?: a large candle has more people, feel is an oversold bounce, not worth mentioning. Forwarded: when the opportunity to position is too small, the ation walks after will be found because the money is too small, will find yourself actually very embarrassed, bullish but the position is not heavy, ation walks after, awkward positions will be foun
d that the operation there is a big problem. Forwarding: this rapid rise, it is estimated that I didn’t fit in, or run other careers, estimates the position of a small rebound, 4000 before must be pulled out. Feel 4000 point is the limit of the small rebound. Forward?: really ought to write down a thousand tempered monster, so, it is difficult to improve. Forwarding?: a big line, it does not matter, if tomorrow is not stabilized, will. Now do not
see signs stabilized, or be careful. Tomorrow is not going to hunters, to save trapped. Forwarding?: to establish their own system, so that their own money to say, rather than the market, if so, even if the first step is to complete the first step. Forwarding?: many private placement to do a year, did not reach this level, it should be enough. Forwarded: consider to Jiangxi long transport after resumption of hard to avoid at least a limit, it is estimated that now can generally maintain capital of 30 million, after a round of stock market crash, there is
no injury to the principal, just taking a portion of the profits, in general should also meet the. If you are not greedy, in more than 15 yuan to run away in Luqiao, and may even have a high potential for financial innovation. Although did not do it, but
also after the stock market crash of approximately 50% of the profits, can also be satisfied. From this point of view, as soon as possible to withdraw funds to maintain the existing level of funding is the E-CIG CHINA most important. Forwarded: Hou that near the end of the rebound, Huarong think and mosquito meat, Yang Tao survey showed retail investors to participate in the rebound of enthusiasm at a normal level, their own grassroots investigation retail universal music watch the rebound to continue, Zhang still optimistic view of 6000 points total. Is he really the guts to, even the E-CIGARETTE CHINA wise are some to see not bottom go to. Comprehensive judgment, get rid of the shackles of 4000 points, the beginning of the 4100 in the vicinity of the construction of a new shock platform shipments. On the whole the short positions. Next week to prepare to lower the warehouse