Acemoglu: China’s future economic growth from the perspective of the system 20150316 industry economic review ; source: in 2014 fifth Mechanical Mod and RDA Author: Acemoglu I use my Robinson James to discuss the origin and future of China’s economic growth from the perspective of why we failed. I can not be considered as a Chinese expert from any angle, but I think China is a very important example of how the country carries out economic reform and poverty. Many developing countries that need to carry out deep structural reforms are facing such a challenge, so any research on economic development should think about the future of China’s economic growth. The theoretical framework of cooperation between China and Robinson has some implications for China, and I am here to share with you. p my speech will be discussed, in retrospect, why China’s economy in the past 30 years
has made such a big success; looking to the future, whether the continuation of previous successful, making China in low and middleincome countries to middleincome and higher income and high income countries. At present, most of the discussion about this prob
lem is Hot E Cig kits mainly concentrated in the economic category, because this is the Disposable e cigarette first of the economic issues. When we try to understand the trajectory of economic growth, the economic choices made by the society are obviously very important. But I think the political problem is at least equally important, because the economic choice is the political basis, and the formulation and implementation of economic reform policies are always in a certain political and social

background. Politics, I will focus on the discussion of the problem. on China’s growth experience, there are two main explanations. The first explanation is that China has carried out a market reform, in some ways China’s economy is more free than many other developing countries, at least equally free; another understanding is China through very carefully designed, the wisdom of the national intervention and experiment, to find the appropriate development of its history, culture and national conditions and other aspects of the right development. On the E-CIGARETTE CHINA latter interpretation, there are several different versions of the economics literature. Two kinds of understanding have some right aspects, China since the end of the 1970’s economic reform is essentially a market economy, the price system in the rural ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA economy, and then play a role in the urban economy; also, to say that the concept of free market economy still has the missing, the country still E-CIG CHINA has a dominant role in the economy, it is not wrong. but I think, with these two extreme views to understand China’s growth, are onesided, because China is not a real market economy, nor is it a classic Pigou country, through government intervention to solve the problem of external and market failure. More importantly, these two kinds of interpretation have ignored the issue of politics. Why to make the choice of reform? What time to make these choices? Why is it possible
to be viable after 1970 years? What are the factors that make the reform sustainable? They are likely to develop in the future? The system of economic growth