: Although the broader market fell on Wednesday finishing, but not to the form of the poor, the overall is still in a strong adjustment. Stock performance is also reflected the relative strength, the two cities are still 67 stocks daily limit, although it is also 6 limit, but sell short the power did not form a plate effect, and duration is not strong, and is therefore shortterm adjustment. Of course, the market is not completely strong, is expected to be the future of the stock market around the report launched a revaluation process. E-CIGARETTE CHINA Forwarding?: the market is still vulnerable to shocks, it is difficult to choose the direction immediately, the need to point out that the current market turnover in the shrinking, showing that the venue funds in the continuous reduction, exchange will become more and more light. Therefore, we for at least the next period of time the market to remain vigilant, even if the stock is not low, but the risk is still a large number of stocks, the funds should be involved in a good proportion of. Forwarding: Wednesday the
market adjust the index fell, it is weak in normal fluctuations, but the stock still maintain a certain degree of activity, the two cities and 91 stocks daily limit and 12 stocks limit, at the same time, stocks fell than stocks rose much more than 600, indicating that the market ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA continued to rebound difficult. Needs to be pointed out Disposable e cigarette is that
of pre sentenced and successful operation are two different things, have to be separated, the analysis is to predict in advance, the operation should be such a clear trend in. Forward?: I published the article: gold card company shopping spree list sharp expansion Wai holding stocks more than 50 and only use long microblog release: I forward? Published: sw: August prop bottom Shanghai core
34003700 interval using and long microblog release: I forward? Published the article: A shares in August: the grand dispute mechanism of Qi pupil look at the valuation use and long microblog released: the future market trend forward? According to the current situation E-CIG CHINA is not optimistic, unless the management strength to do more, but investors still cautious, the best way to risk control is the position should not be too high, even if the current is at the bottom can wait at the bottom and then confirmed in too late. Forwarding: I published the article: the shocks in the center of gravity of the market is still at the bottom of the search using with dispatch long micro Bo released forwarding?: I published the article: the shrinkage of a shares fell Mechanical Mod and RDA 1.13% Shanghai refers to July a six years the largest single Hot E Cig kits month decline: using with dispatch long micro Bo released forwarding?: I published the article: A shares the Boulevard of broken dreams seven turn wait for
August osmanthus incense using with dispatch long micro Bo released forwarding?: the market in a week