amp; amp; amp; to myohyang, although failed to climb at a glance, but after visiting the exhibition of Korea international friendship, took some time to visit the temple of Samantabhadra temple, Buddhist temple ancient my passion for gamers, feel a lot of harvest. Because Puxian temple and Chinese origin, method from China, even the main building on the plaque are also written in E-CIG CHINA Chinese, narrow the distance between each other. At the same time, there are two well preserved temples in Guta, Guta to look for me, but also adds new contents. Puxian temple where myohyang belonging to the North Pyongan Province, Xiangshan County, located in North Pyongan, South Pyongan Province, Chi River Road Interchange, myohyang is one of the four famous mountains, Puxian temple is one of the five major Buddhist temple. North Pyongan province capital of Sinuiju, but also our from Dandong over the place, did not expect the next day by Pyongyang myohyang line, still in the original ping North Road. amp; amp; reportedly, Puxian temple built in the middle of Qing Dynasty, Koryo Jing Zong Wang Hengshi in 1042, when Royal Chongsheng Buddhism, temple get rapid development. The Buddhism spread from China, the early inheritance Huayan, N
anzong Zen temple, since the first Daoshanmen still retain ‘Caoxi door’ plaque. The monastery flourished, with 24 more than 240 North Korean Temple diange achievement. Ming Wanli E-CIGARETTE CHINA of the Japanese invasion of Korea, Japanese invasion of the Great Patriotic War broke out, for protection from Gyeongsang province Liangshan through Temple shuffled around part of the Buddha relic, built in the tower worshiped. From Shaanxi Sichuan haein around eighty thousand full version of Tripitaka, in long live building. Xishan master
to 70 year old call monks established justice Corps fight against Japanese pirates. After parinirvana in Puxian temple, the temple pass patriotic story, all this have greatly boosted the famous temple. During the Korean War, the temple Hot E Cig kits of Samantabhadra brutally American War ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA damaged, the main building destroy waste exhausted, now see the Puxian temple buildings. After the armistice agreement is signed Disposable e cigarette the North Korean government funded reconstruction, but still retains the pattern of China’s Ming Dynasty. amp; amp; amp; today’s North Korea myohyang Puxian Temple points for Affiliated Hospital of the temple and temple area two parts, due to Shangyuan nunnery temple, temple, Buddha Temple, Tibetan temple, Jin Gangan, Pilu temple, monk Tallinn is dispersed and smaller, so open Ferris’s just the temple area. Came to the
temple of Samantabhadra,
the main building although mostly rebuilt or restored, but its architectural form remains characteristics of ancient Korea, and in accordance with the built in the early hours of different structures and common ground while reserving differences,
respectively, with characteristics of Koryo Period and the period of the Joseon Dynasty, it is difficult for us to distinguish the, expert advice to a debate on earth. Architectural appearance and Chinese ancient has similarities, brick structure rests the mountain top, eaves rafter brackets approach, under the eaves wood painting, and so on, but also always feel also different, at least beam frame Mechanical Mod and RDA smaller cornice to extend more, the roof has deep feeling. amp; amp; amp; Puxian temple construction group construction was arranged in a vertical and a horizontal axis and vertical axis from the front to the back, followed by Caoxi door, free door, door of the king, long live the floor and