amp; Kenting in Pingtung County, Taiwan, discount lebron james website is the southernmost tip of Taiwan, the Pacific Ocean to the East, West is near Taiwan Strait, known as Taiwan of the ends of the earth, is a good place for Taiwanese tourist resort. To Kenting feeling blue sky and bright, the water clear bottoming out, morning air is especially fresh, no wonder the Kenting is resort. amp; Pak Sha Wan because white shell sand is known, but there are also the years of the formation of coral reefs, so underwater terrain may sometimes not so flat, if come here to swim to be extra careful. amp; amp; Kenting weather is changeable, also blue skies, while Kung Fu is a cloudy day, and later the sun came out, if
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Nike Foamposite One Men Wholesale to do a good sunscreen, or is easy to sunburn. amp; if you do not hurry hurry
Nike Foamposite Pro Men Wholesale I suggest choose a vision better i like lebron james 2014 place to sit down, slowly drink a cup of coffee or a pot of tea, the sea breeze blowing very comfortable and at i love cheap jordans wholesale ease, for usually busy with work, this is greatest enjoyment. amp; to Kenting is a kind of dessert can taste, that is, mung bean garlic, ice, heat, which is Taiwan local people especially recommend to me, the only discount kids air jordan shoes in the souther
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One White Dull Blackn part of Taiwan and other places almost can not see, for the first time heard I thought there are green beans and garlic, is pondering over these two things put together is what taste? In fact, there is no garlic, it is said that the mung bean in the first time to have no germination to remove the skin made from mung bean dessert, taste i like air jordan shoes men very good. the store has been a lot of people, the need to queue up, there are a lot of foreigners also come to the west. amp; after the dessert, mung bean, garlic to the lunch time the, a friend took us to go there more famous Taiwanese cuisine restaurant the puffer fish a variety of dishes are signs of his home more adept. On the walls of the restaurant filled with a variety of business cards, have been here to eat the guests who stay, look carefully there are many celebrities and hotel staff photo, visible business is more popular. amp; this is like asking Shuimu ear or called Xi tou mushroom remember, do not know the name I remember right, is said to be grown in brook wild must be hand picked, but only in just after the rain is, it is more valuable. And we usually eat the fungus is different, it is very small, tender and smooth. what’s the name of this dish I forgot, but every time the Taiwan friends to take us to eat a table will have this, is a kind of fern vegetables, very tender, I like. amp; puffer rice, Fugu toxins, bad people will eat the poisoned, so eating globefish must go to professional Fugu restaurant. Taiwan’s seafood is two words fresh today is the local characteristics of Taiwan, so this fried tofu must not be less. amp; after lunch went straight up to the port of the seafood market, all kinds of fish are the day just salvaged, so here can eat very fresh sashimi and a variety of fish. See the green yellow and orange East soup