Visit the blog: 173427 bloggers integral: 511 points Bowen number: 211 opening time: 20110803 core tip: every summer. In the large plastic surgery hospital or surgery department will usher in a lot of success in the college entrance examination students seeking beauty person. Because admitted to the University, they get this special award, hoping to enter the university campus with a new image of almost no one, thus more confident and satisfied. However, experts advise the beauty of the girls, any plastic project risk, do not blindly follow the trend. Professor of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences plastic surgery hospital, Cai Jinglong Chinese Medical Hospital plastic surgery scar treatment center director Cai Jinglong guest Feihua health network comely, willow curved eyebrow, every woman hope he is weak makeup thick
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Kids Air Jordan 12 151110076g physician visit Feihua, concern common cosmetic items and related knowledge do detailed explanation, and suggested that summer and plastic surgery, the main crowd high school graduates to be sensible to treat plastic, do not blindly follow the trend. Summer students cosmetic is main according to Jun Cheng Wu said, the student summer vacation at home, many families with better economic conditions of the parents, to the daughter of success in the college entrance examination to send Nike Air Max Sale For kids an unusual gift cosmetic. Therefore, in July and August the hospital to do cosmetic surgery of the majority of the student population, cosmetic items for double eyelid eyelid, moles and other. Regardless of the congenital physical disability of the people who do not talk about the surgery, most of the students to do the surgery is only to the United States and the United states. For the United States and the students are mainly concentrated in two groups, one is to look at the new look of the third year of the high school graduates, two are two, three large students. College students want to repair a good image in the school period, for their own graduation to find a job shop. Students under the age of 18
Kids Jordan 12 Air Max Shoes Online Sale cosmetic must be a parents to sign of modern society impetuous and quick success is also reflected in cosmetic surgery at a younger age. In this regard, Wu Juncheng reminded the young for the United States to think twice before seriously thinking about whether there is I buy Nike air foamposite one a need to do before deciding I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women to communicate with their parents, to seek the views of all parties, do not blindly follow the trend. He pointed out that because many students thought is not mature, and some bones of students are not yet fully developed, dilinghua cosmetic surgery on the growth of the future development adversely. Therefore, young students to do surgery need extra I like Nike foamposite one careful, for not yet reached the age of eighteen students, if no parent signature, they are not for its operation. He also reminded students similar to cut double fold eyelid surgery before the start of the school year can do, but as to the scar skin expansion, repeatedly and surgical resection after 34 month recovery period of operation, it is necessary to make a scientific arrangement of time, do not delay their studies. Cosmetic surgery addictive