Visit the blog: 11285 bloggers integral: 225 points Bowen number: 15 opening time: 20130521 amp; health points is a focus on whitecollar health series of public activities, mainly in the form of training seminars and other whitecollar workers to convey the concept of healthy living. This activity, we will go out of the room, into the nature, to the beautiful island of Chongming, Joyoung Hall Farm, Ming Chu Yu beauty of the lake. the concept of Agriculture: health plus points has been committed to the impact of commodity security issues on people. This time, we organized more than forty volunteers arrived at Chongming Island on the Joyoung church natural farm visit. Joyoung church adhere does not apply fertilizer, without the use of pesticides, without the use of growth hormones, does not support the GM four principles, the Chongming Island, the
Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Shoes Online Sale warm and moist climate, fertile soil, rich in organic matter, plenty of sunshine, rain moisture, vegetation I love Nike air foamposite pro surrounded by unique natural conditions, by means of improved water quality, soil improvement, foster a safe, healthy, natural, green, fresh quality crops. Here, we introduce the fruits, listen to, watch live, understand the ecological agriculture, pastoral farming experience. amp; Garden: the seco
Womens Nike Free 5.0 V4 1408220129nd station of destination is the Pearl of the lake park, all personnel are divided into five team competition who first arrived at the end of that competition and tours of the park. Under the high temperature of 40 degrees, along the wide Pearl Lake, facing the lake steaming rising blazing gas, the head hot afternoon sun, the players gearing up and began to journey to the warmth of their own. Although at the end, this group of air conditioning one was sweating, but everyone pursue nature, out of the concept of health has been reflected, called the sun under the spoiled child. amp; amp; amp; I buy Nike air foamposite one more information: a television program, the host asked a child grow up to do, children to want to say: when I grow up, I want to open the plane. The host asked: when your plane over the Pacific Ocean when suddenly out of fuel, what would you do. The boy replied, I will send the passengers to the safety belt, and then they will jump out.. The audience laughed, the child cried. He then said, I’m going to get the fuel and I’ll be back.. This time, the scene was silent. Admire the I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women lovely children, also revealed a pure taste, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Filled with the children of the world and is always the most primitive true love, dare to dare to do, sometimes strong enough to make people feel fear. People always used to use their own thinking, the socalled experience, to hurt children’s fragile heart. As everyone knows, the children of the vacant clarity of the world needs is only a small positive. A luxury car broke down in the roadside, just because the Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men screws are loose, but the owners do not know what Nike Air Max Sale For kids happened. At this time
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