Video loading. Please wait… Auto play Guizhou Agricultural vehicles rolling caused by "Xingyi these things," netizen "Xingyi these things," Guizhou Province installation inspection bureau report: about 13 29, April 2016, small stone forest in Guizhou, Guizhou Province in the southwest, agricultural vehicles in a car close to the
Carmelo Anthony Shoes city of mud, the car, due to brake failure, resulting in 14 deaths of indoor activities. Original title: Xingyi Guizhou an agricultural car turned over 13 people were killed and 12 people were injured. In the event, ready to open the relocation of poverty will be the Beijing News (April 29, southwestern Guizhou Xingyi City, Cheng Yuanyuan intern reporter Zhu Zhuolin hear, Guizhou Province
Air Jordan Shoes Women People’s government, 29 in the afternoon, in Shi Zhuang Zhen Shilin rollover, carrying a car stone agricultural vehicles passing young mud car 3.1 tons of stone road, 5.1 meters tall, 3.7 meters of the yard, yard villagers 13 people died on the spot, killing 12 people were injured at night. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. 11 last night, the Beijing news network reporter learned from the Guizhou People’s Hospital, the hospital received a total of 2 injured in the accident scene, including minor injuries have been discharged, and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the other is stable, bone surgery inpatient treatment. The rest of the wounded were sent to Xingyi People’s Hospital
Mens Hardaway 6 Shoes 151110044, hospital staff said that the current situation is very tight treatment of the wounded, the relevant circumstances remain unchanged. The farm truck driver suffered minor injuries, has been sent to the Xingyi City Public Security Bureau, the cause of the accident is under investigation, in Taipa mud in the town police station last night 11 50 minutes of Beijing News reporter said. Events are preparing to convene a meeting, relocation of the Beijing buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online News Network reporter some local villagers, yesterday afternoon 1 20 points Xu, Taipa mud Zhen Shi Shan Cun Cun Wei will require precise impoverished village, in Taipa mud i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes school readiness and other villagers week (i.e., Jia Ba Cun, for the villagers Group) poverty alleviation immigration open precision (placement) buy air max shoes online units work meeting ". It won’t start, it will happen." Cun Li Ning (a pseudonym) in Beijing to reporters said that meeting buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online officially began, sit in the hall on the stone steps, Yuanba dozens of villagers Huo village station, suddenly rollover is hit by a car, but in the field, bleeding. A local insider introduced, Xingyi City Qi Jia Ya Kou Cun of farm vehicle drivers, farmers in the stone village pulled brick tomb car incident, in the front of the hall, the body suddenly overturned in the village hall, riprap pounds of some of the participants of the masses. Local villagers told the Beijing news network reporter to provide photos show, after the incident in the stone village voting studio next to the stone village Party members and cadres and cadres of modern distance education receiving station brand. Death in the high dangerous sections, the section of the i like air max shoes incident, only 2 years and 4 months to 30 months ago Tianshi village villagers Zhang Xin (a pseudonym), tell the Beijing News reporter, before the incident, the family is a village meeting. After hearing the news, he couldn’t get through his home phone, about an hour after he arrived at the scene." At that time in the mud on the ground to pull a few people, I found his family, so there is not much attention. "Zhang Xin,
Penny Hardaway Shoes a total of more than 2000 people in the village, most of the young people have become a service