August 5th, Wuzhou municipal Party committee, municipal people’s Congress Standing Committee Director Huang Junhua to Cenxi city research and guide the work of accurate poverty alleviation. He stressed that E-CIGARETTE CHINA to implement the General ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation and development in a series of speeches, conscientiously carry out the poverty alleviation work, reduce the stock of poverty population, reduce the proportion of poverty, for building a moderately prosperous society to provide a strong guarantee. What’s the price of a pig? How to protect the peasant pig farming E-CIG CHINA income, to carry Disposable e cigarette out poverty relief work? In Cenxi City, an Ping Zhen Gu Yuan Cun, Baofeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd. breeding base, Huang Junhua carefully to understand the company’s breeding and management and helping the situation. We take the development pattern of company base cooperatives farmers’, by
the company responsible for breeding pigs piglet, feed and sales work, free for farmers to provide technical guidance, realize the winwin development of the corporation and farmers. BaoFeng company responsible person to answer one one. Huang Junhua
pointed out that the company should play its own advantages, efforts to carry out diversified business model, to provide more jobs for the local people’s employment and poverty. At the same time, with the exp
ansion of the scale, the need to implement environmental protection measures, and hope that the relevant government departments to actively implement the relevant support policies, strengthen the company’s guidance, Hot E Cig kits and guide the scientific layout of the breeding base, to help companies grow, promote the development of the company and the Mechanical Mod and RDA masses out of poverty. Subsequently, Huang visited the poor households Lai Hanlian and hog farmers Qin Jiehuan households family, understand the company helping poor families and farmers pig breeding situation
and hope that the increase of company and the relevant departments to support for the poor families, enhance the development difficulties of the masses to get rich. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of Cenxi modern characteristic agriculture core demonstration area and radiation area, and actively explore new mechanism and new way of poverty alleviation work, and plan to do a good job of rural construction, promote the integration of ecological village construction and poverty alleviation and development work. Huang Junhua also through poverty alleviation and recognition system, to understand the situation of poverty population archiving riser, and poor households and poverty population changes. In the research work of the forum, Huang Junhua stressed that all relevant departments at all levels to control requirements of strict three real and style of construction, combined with the actual, highlight the local characteristics seriously solid and thorough ground carry out poverty relief and development work, to explore with local actual precise poverty Road, efforts to reduce poverty population stock, reducing the proportion of poverty population. To continue to improve the working mechanism of poverty alleviation and development, comprehensive facilities strategy, effectively promote the development of poverty alleviation and development. To pay attention to the effectiveness of poverty reduction, the implementation of supporting measures and all kinds of social security system, broaden people to develop the channels of wealth, efforts to pull the roots of poverty and help the masses to increase wealth. To continue to increase the intensity of the fund to help the
poor, and regulate the use of funds, to ensure that the use of funds for poverty alleviation, play a positive effect. Wuzhou Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Wu Haoling accompanied research.