b one station in the end staged court drama battle of the sexes strong incoming b amp; time: 2012 October 19 at 10:08] [source: Xinhua entertainment] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; p this week Friday October 19 Jiangsu Satellite TV, the station in the end, ushered in the a feminist challenger. She a stage they claim to the end of male athletes, leaving women soldiers. So domineering opening, instantly ignite Mechanical Mod and RDA the atmosphere. All men waiting to be eager for a fight challenge, female athletes all secretly delighted In the first half and war Disposable e cigarette reveals the queen charm, second half harem battle staged Zhen Huan biography the wisdom of the spell, players each strength is not vulgar, item bank once worn. to an enemy of the sex war five, who said the woman is not as good as men! p Challenger Zeng Wei was born in a military family, graduate, she done director and guest host, served as Shenzhen the 26th Universiade Nanshan division of the secretary general, in English E-CIG CHINA tour guides and other copies of work, is now a successful career, speech and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA deportment revealed a light of wisdom. Network transmission of the station end, women are inferior to men, she was threatened to the first male gues
ts all clearance, in order to set the record straight, Wu E-CIGARETTE CHINA Zetian right inone’s hand, no doubt the sense of. In the choice of opponents, she followed the field of the 5 male players as a thorn in the flesh, the meat of the nail, for one to pull out. And the game of the wisdom of the game is far from her imagination. Want to know, be able to stand in the one station in the end on the stage
every player is through the layers Hot E Cig kits of screening, can be said to be a good strength. an unprecedented crisis to
defend the dignity, strength of men! Yin Bohao, the difficult do not take the unusual way of atypical 90
players who encounter rival wei. He claims to be a Yin hermit, full of personality, quite talented. He was in the essay test wrote a seven syllable poem about the Three Kingdoms. The title is gives me a chance to love, the article in the school sensation. The teacher said, if there is no limit of genre will give out, so does the wind into the hermit. Zou Yijun, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, in the reading of dr He loves life and travel, the home of seven hundred or eight hundred HD movies, watch the movie reached more than one thousand, is a full of people. This summer he had alone wore 46 degrees high temperature drive north to accept the high temperature test, returned to Beijing after wrote 50000 words of a journey to the north of miles. Read ten thousand books for thousands of miles is typical of his portrayal of life, he believes in his field of vision and experience will be able to stay in Taiwan for a while p Cui Jianfeng, his words is a dream of Red Mansions fans, high school because he was madly in love with a dream of Red Mansions, the
book back and forth read more than ten times, for the characters, stories, music and lyrics can be described as like the palm of his hand. He likes literature very much, he read in high school textbooks all occurrences of the original article, including ancient Chinese prose;