China Economic Net Beijing March 25th news (reporter Zhang Haijiao) March
Lebron James Shoes 18th, CCTV "dark oil spot trading of the Beijing Petroleum Exchange focus interview" column i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes exposure (hereinafter referred to as the "north oil)". Reported that the existing trading varieties are not in accordance i like air max shoes with the Beijing city trading site management approach to fulfill the approval procedures, has been required for the rectification of the North oil. The report also pointed out that the northern oil guidance teacher let investors lose money in the transaction, on the other hand to attract investors to trade frequently, let north oil as a platform to earn a fee, but they can also deduct money from a sum of money. China economic net reporter called the oil north, the staff said, do not accept the interview, hung up the phone. Northern oil varieties "approval" customers million to 63 million "double" recently, investment intermediaries also arises at the historic moment, to help your financial stocks have the old i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes routines, the more fashionable now is to
Merrell Shoes fry gold, silver, oil, minerals and other commodities. Intermediary will tell you, speculation that the money will be more than 30 million yuan of investment will be 50 million yuan in the current profit, you will not move it? But if you really shoot, wait for your loss. According to the "focus of the interview" column reported that in early 2015, there is a company to contact Beijing investors Mr. Du, strongly recommended that he invest in high returns, spot oil trading. Mr. Du said that the company’s business staff is 10 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan, because he told me that when the transaction is 500 thousand yuan of leverage, "contact Mr. Du is the company named Beijing World Bank international. Claiming to be an integrated member of the Beijing petroleum exchange. Specializing in finished oil spot transactions, committed to a dedicated telephone guidance, profitability. The company provides business case shows that investment 300 thousand yuan, the day can be a profit of 500 thousand yuan. It’s easy to see the money, Du Shaojun heart. In accordance with the instructions of the teacher, he opened the account on the Internet, began to buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online start oil investment. Some transactions down, earn less, lose more. Du said that every day in the loss of money, every day in the loss of money, but the family did not dare to say, afraid to sleep." Mr. Du said, fried 3 months, a loss of more than 170 thousand yuan, most of the money is borrowed, and some still usury, by the end of 7, no longer borrow money Du Shaojun had to stop investment." buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Compared to another investor from Heilongjiang, Harbin, Mr. Du is lucky. Investors in Heilongjiang, Harbin Zou Xiansheng said he was
Penny Hardaway Shoes also pulled into the oil line to the north by the ranks of oil. One and a half months time, Mr. loss of 1 million 160 thousand yuan, and then he put the other side. In the last 2 months of September 9th, the total loss of 1 million 630 thousand yuan. It was all his family, and had to be evacuated." "Focus interview" also pointed out that, like Mr. Du and Zou Xiansheng such investment in the oil spot oil spot transactions to a few thousand people. They lost millions of dollars, and many lost hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars. It can be said that the investment is losing money, why Du Shaojun they think is cheating? Mr. Du said, "through the Internet search law, the state of the buy air max shoes online provisions of the site to check, it is not the scene. Non screen