Because of the advance newspaper reporter made a special trip to the contact, homes for the elderly also specially put up
Yumin on tumor said symptomatic treatment and is not a permanent cure banners welcoming the arrival we, old people sitting in warm, sunny sunshine while enjoying the warmth i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes of the sun, while waiting for our arrival. Seeing that our cars are coming, the old people are quick to show a happy smile on the wrinkled face. According to prior to the division of labor, the rapid spread of activity: Li fengjuan pharmacists help old people measure blood pressure, blood glucose, elderly people to accept medication consultation, Yu Yang store salesperson Xu Jinhua, is with the old people pull up homely, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online a nursing home i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes joy fills the air. And I will have been prepaid the 13800 yuan free love purchase card sent to the hands of the president, and the newspapers and Yancheng TV reporter interviewed, activity buy air max shoes online continued for more than an hour, the old people and numerous in the reluctantly waved goodbye. The old buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online rules, first come, let us work together to analyze the August sales target to reach the situation, on the whole, our business in August compared with 2009 sales over the same period growth of XX%, XX% of gross profit growth, includ
Kids Jordan 11 Flyknit 151110080ing: Sue large pharmacy sales growth XX%, gross profit increased XX% Liwei pharmacy sales XX% growth, XX% of gross profit growth, Yu Yang pharmacy sales growth XX%, XX% of gross profit growth, ocean pharmacy sales growth x% decline, gross margin declined by X%, from the overall. This is a good result, I am very grateful to everyone’s effort. If we can persist for a long time, our tomorrow will be more beautiful. Today, I want to
Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Womens Shoes From China say is seven things: the first thing is, this month, I have most of the main
Cheap Kids Air Jordan 11 From China push and policy varieties of price adjustment, for price adjustment after the store sales pros and cons, and we also will be the comprehensive assessment, if take you now sales can not be changed to count, that your sales will reduce the 1.7%2%, gross profit decreased more than 3%. For a long time, is to give consumers the feeling, expensive medicine is the pharmacy profitable drugs, even to say have many drug prices higher than brandname drugs which is not justified, is to explain impassability, from on the other hand, self price expensive later, it is bound to affect the inventory turnover rate and capital
Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Womens Shoes From China operation ability, also will affect the business cooperation based, further hinder enterprise development, which is why I want to lower the proprietary varieties of prices of the main reasons, so that most people can adapt to the price, not because of price and influence exchange rate. We now have XX million of funds trapped in the main varieties, and that in fact the socalled main varieties, and some even a year can not sell a few boxes, in our enterprises, a month to sell 12 boxes of goods extremely small, category structure disorder, i like air max shoes resulting in a many new products come in without sales, so that to solve the slowmoving species when from the main push grabbed, lowering the price, run a bit faster, money earns a bit less, but the choice will be a little more. You will not be afraid of the impact of sales, because everything is in our hands. Original Cai Wenbing: the introductory words