Original title: expert advice "Lei Yang incident" by the prosecution investigation cases and published the buy air max shoes online new news news (reporter Wang Wei) may 10 morning, Beijing Changping police through the official micro Bo of "Lei Yang incident" recurrent briefing, the disclosure of the more details of the case. Legal experts in an interview with reporters, said police as the case of the parties, should continue for clarification and continue to disclose details of a case, it should be the investigation of the matter over to the procuratorial buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online organs as a third party, the final results announced by the procuratorial organs. China University of political science and law, criminal procedure law expert Professor Hong Daode, police continue to disclose the details of the case have been inappropriate, there are two reasons: first, the case of Party ray ocean has died, police statement can be regarded as "one-sided", event itself determines the police statement at the moment is difficult to be objective and neutral. Second, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, in the cases of investigation and the investigation stage, details of the case should not be too foreign disclosure, on a case not yet conclusive, open the names and details of the suspect, may cause the infringement of the right of privacy. In accordance with the provisions of the police in the investigation process, only to inform the progress of the case and take some measures. At present, the Changping police have two details of the case of
Mens Kobe Bryant 11 Shoes 160111075foreign disclosure, the contents of the announcement may have exceeded the scope of the law. Hongdao professor believes that the prosecution has as the third party intervention in the matter investigated of autopsy results, on-site monitoring i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes probe content, law enforcement recorder damaged, and personnel at the scene of the testimony shall be prosecutors to collect evidence and carries on the investigation, and then draw the conclusion, to determine whether the
http://www.consulentionline.org/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=userinfo&username=scaleadvice0 death of Lei Yang is associated with the public security law enforcement. According to the provisions of the public security management punishment law, the people’s police in handling cases of public security, in case of there are other relationship with a party to the case, may affect the impartial handling of the case "situation should be avoided; violation of public security management act, the victim or its legal representative person also has the right to demand their withdrawal, the withdrawal of the people’s police decided by the public security organs; withdrawal of the head of
Kobe Bryant Shoes a public security organ, by a public security organ decided. According to the law, the prosecution involved in the incident, is the exercise of its anti dereliction of duty, the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes prosecution’s functions. According to "criminal procedural
Lebron James Shoes law", "criminal law", the people’s Procuratorate of the rules of criminal procedure, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate about directly accepted by the people’s procuratorates filed criminal range provisions, malfeasance crimes range include: 1. The specific provisions of criminal law the provisions of Chapter IV of the staff of state organs buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online to implement the terms of use of
Merrell Shoes infringement of citizens’ personal rights, democratic rights of criminal cases. Such as illegal detention, torture to extract confessions, disrupt the elections and other criminal cases. The 2 and ninth chapter of criminal law "criminal law amendment (eight)" the provisions of the crime of dereliction of duty case. Such as breach of privilege, dereliction of duty, favoritism and other criminal cases. Eighteenth the provisions of the second paragraph of the criminal procedure law, i like air max shoes the people’s Procuratorate directly accepted by the people’s Procuratorate of the use of the state organs, the use of the functions of other major criminal cases. Industry insiders said that the prosecution involved in the case is mainly to see the incident, whether there is abuse of power. Editor: Liu Zhe Lin Ye editor: Wang Haocheng article key words