Blog access: 1021 blog points: 45 points blog post: 9 opening hours: 20150826 primary dysmenorrhea a general treatment: physical exercise, enhance physical fitness. Usual attention to the law of life, work and rest, proper nutrition and adequate sleep. To pay attention to the publicity and education of menstrual physiology, to explain the persuasion, to eliminate the fear, anxiety and mental burden of patients. Strengthen menstrual hygiene, avoid strenuous exercise, excessive fatigue and prevent i love cheap jordans wholesale cold. II inhibition of ovulation: if the patient is willing to birth control, oral contraceptive pill compound norethisterone tablets or compound megestrol acetate tablets for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea is the drug of choice. The use of oral contraceptives, more than 90% of the symptoms discount lebron james website can be eased, may be due to endometrial growth inhibition, menstrual decreased, PG decreased to normal levels following the cause of uterine activity decreased. Treatment may try to take 3 4 cycles, such as the effect is satisfied, can continue to take; if the symptom improvement is not obvious, can be appropriately added with
Dwyane Wade Shoes Wholesale PGs synthesis inhibitor. Due to the use of medication throughout the menstrual cycle, and the effect occurs only at the end of the cycle 2 1 days, unles
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes Orange Greys the need for contraception at the same time, generally not affected by the patient. three, an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis PGSI: 1, Fenbid the drugs to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis and uterine tension and shrinkage decreased, so as to achieve the purpose of treating dysmenorrhea. Use: General in menstrual dysmenorrhea before the start of continuous medication for 2 to 3 days, 1 piece of qd, severe pain in the can be two pieces of q12h, because prostaglandins 48h after menstruation early release most and early treatment can correct menstrual blood in the synthesis of prostaglandin release. Always taking pain may effect is not obvious, and at least 3 hours later.
Derrick Rose Shoes Men Wholesale Indomethacin also side effects: reaction of the digestive tract and central nervous system symptoms that rarely cause bronchospasm and temporary impairment of renal function. four beta receptor agents: by stimulating the muscle cell membrane on the beta receptor, activation of adenosine cyclase, in turn to improve the discount kids air jordan shoes intracellular i love jordan nubuck men cAMP content. Combination of on the one hand to promote the sarcoplasmic reticulum protein phosphorylation and strengthen the ca; on the other hand inhibition
Derrick Rose III Shoes Men Wholesale of myosin light chain kinase activity, leading to uterine muscle relaxation, dysmenorrhea get rapid relief, but at the same time, i like lebron james 2014 rise faster heart rate, side reaction in hypertension. In recent years, with the clinical application of drugs, the side effects of the drugs, which are excited by the beta 2 receptor, were significantly decreased. The commonly used beta 2 receptor antagonists have: hydroxyl methyl isobutyl adrenaline, commodity name Shu Chuanling SULBUTAMOL and of hydroxyl isopropyl epinephrine, commodity name between hydroxyl albuterol Terbutalin. Oral administration, aerosol inhalation, subcutaneous, intramuscular injection and intravenous administration, etc In severe pain to the occasion by injection method: salbutamol 0.1 0.3 mg, static note or hydroxyl salbutamol 0.25 0.5 mg subcutaneous injection, 4 to 8 hours 1 times. Oral, Shu Chuanling 2 4mg6 hours or hydroxyl salbutamol 2.5 to i like air jordan shoes men 5mg8 hours, also aerosol inhalation of 0.2 0.25, mild pain, 2 4 hours 1 times. To breathe better, due to the rapid onset of action with less dosage. Aerosol inhalation.