Blog access: 350362 blog points: 8573 points of buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the number: 478 disorder, the truth is known, that is, do not. In our daily consultation, often buy air max shoes online heard from the visit, this is also a problem will hinder the progress of the consultation. Today we analyze this puzzle from the following aspects: the understanding of what is known, it is often said that we are very easy to understand from the literal concept of its road, or from the rational level of its. But if you know the truth, but not to act reason, in fact it does not really know Ming. Know the process needs to be i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes involved in doing, only in the process will have real experience perception, as we know, our country land area of 9.6 million square kilometers, but not in the way how taste experience to how large the vast It also has an emotional drive, such as impulse and fear; not only interested in the role of the decision, but also will touch our subconscious self defense, such as the total persist and give up. In short, will give a reasonable explanation, the truth is known, that is, can not do. so difficult to know easily. To know the process must go through difficult, in the experience of look forward to, hesitated a mome
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Cheap Nike Foamposite One Men Shoes From China is disappointment, questioned, and adhere to, the after finish this experience personally, eventually realize real truth. In turn, if we know that we need to experience the difficulties, our actions will be relatively easy. Maybe we will be more inclined to experience in the process of each ups and downs, the action is not illusory, state of mind is no longer anxious. amp; if you have a visitor. Said I read a lot of books also has a lot of experience, truth truly understand and also to get a thorough understanding of, still can’t do it, that I should do? This is the case, please ask yourself, I really want to do? The vast majority of forced friends are suffering from persecution, but also aware that there
Cheap Jordan 6 Nubuck Men Shoes From China are too many acts of coercion. But is to repeat the compulsive behavior, the reason is very simple is forced behavior can reduce anxiety, this kind of mood is too tough. Can also be forced to be a kind of implicit, this time
Cheap Nike Air Foamposite Shoes From China I first forced behavior, and so I will not do it next time. The two reasons is the most simple, but in each of disorder not to there are many different or unconscious reason i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes behind it, to beautify the reason behind these, we will very habitual rationalization, I know the truth, is not to. Saying is to escape from the words, or to shirk the responsibility of the word, it is a kind of self protection of the subconscious. The essence is, I don’t want to do it! amp; many visitors in buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the socalled truth know less i like air max shoes than a consultant, so they don’t want to hear the truth, but need to have let visitors feel comfortable trusting relationship counseling; need is to be listened to and understood, respected; need to be able to carry out personally and understanding of the method. When the visitors said the truth is known, is not to do, as a consultant at the same time also need to look back is not and visitors in the consultation process, the article