blog service selfdiscipline convention Chinese Internet Association released in August 21, 2007 1: General first to regulate the Internet blog service, promote the orderly development of blog services, the development of the convention. mentioned in article second of the Convention is independent blog, space network refers to the Internet service providers to provide i like air jordan shoes men users, including text,
Air Jordan 1 Winter Style Men pictures, audio and video form etc third blog service should follow the civilization law, honesty and selfdiscipline, and consciously safeguard national interests and public interests principle. fourth China Internet association is responsible for organizing i love jordan nubuck men the implementation of the convention. second: selfdiscipline clause fifth blog service providers shall i like lebron james 2016 abide by the relevant laws, regulations and policies of the state of consciousness, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the public and blog users. sixth is engaged in Internet blog service business shall have a legitimate Internet information service qualification, and shall meet the following conditions: discount kids air jordan shoes a perfect blog service and
Mens Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Black Grey Red management system; two enough blog service management personnel and technical personnel, to provide good service, the implementation of effective management; three blog information security measures to improve the process, including user registration, user information security measures, blog content information security measures; four in accordance with other relevant provisions of the national laws and regulations required. seventh blog service providers to encourage and actively explore the blog service mode, to provide a good environment for the creation of the blog, the
Air Jordan Winter Style Shoes blog users guide the creation and dissemination of excellent works of network culture. p Article 8 blog service provider discount lebron james website shall and blog
Air Jordan 3 Winter Style Men users signed a service agreement, the blog asking users to consciously perform the service agreement, refused to sign the service agreement, blog service provider has the right to refuse to provide blog services. ninth blog service providers and blog users signed a service agreement, shall include the following contents: i love cheap jordans wholesale 1 blog users to consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state Internet information service, using the network civilization, not to spread pornographic information and other illegal information; p 2 blog users to ensure not to spread insult or disparage other nationalities, races, religions and cultural traditions. p 3 blog users to ensure not to spread rumors, defamatory information and other false information, do not spread violations of the legitimate rights and interests of others. four blog users to ensure that don’t spread infringement of intellectual property information; p 5 blog users to ensure to keep abreast of the contents of the effective supervision and management, delete illegal and unhealthy keep abreast of information in a timely manner. six blog users